Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year That Was...2011

Another year has come and gone, and, once again, it has flown by. It seems like yesterday we were counting down for 2011. Seriously, has life always been such a blur of time? Time goes by so incredibly it makes me reflect on just what I have been up to all these twelve months. Can you sense where I'm going with this? That's right, here's my year in a nutshell:

1. No boyfriends. I don't know whether I should be proud of myself or regret it. Either way, I have gone through this year completely single. Of course, I have had the occasional guy to fool around with. Don't mistake me for a whore because I'm not. Anyway, in all honesty, I've tried to get involved with a few guys. But it was not a success. Is it ever? A success, I mean. Only if you have stable confidence I suppose. And you're interesting and attractive. Just kidding. I'm not that insecure. Oh yeah, that reminds me.
New Year's resolution: Be more outgoing and willing to socialize with others.

2. Georgetown. Otherwise known as the place I'll be living after college. Or during. Over the year, I've roamed the streets of this cultural city, falling in love with the sights, smells, and sounds of it all. On spring break, my dad and I came here to explore the rich history of the United States. While that was interesting and all (the Capitol was incredible), the real fun was in the city: shopping at H&M, eating at rare delicacies, walking through the quiet streets. Indescribably ideal. I want to live here. And I shall. Why even now, for New Year's, I'm here with my dad, having the time of our lives!
New Year's resolution: Keep my mind set on Georgetown. Goes without saying.

3. Survived a religious apocalypse. Remember that radio priest who predicted the world would end on May 21? It had something to do with God taking all believers to Heaven, right? And then on October 21, the world would completely end with all nonbelievers being sucked into the Earth...or something like that? Well, he was wrong. Both times. It's not as if his prophecy had a chance of happening, but everyone was still having end-of-the-world parties and worrying. Including me, only I was in Six Flags with my mom. That's much more fun, obviously. Anyway, two phony apocalypses down, one more to go.
New Year's resolution: Survive 2012.

4. Nearly a tramp. Accentuate nearly, if you please. Viewer discretion advised. There was a period in the year where I felt the worst a person could feel about themselves. Over the past year, I got involved with someone who was in a serious relationship. They're not anymore. Not because of me...I think. Anyway, he and I went rather far, physically, but we did not have sex. This might be too personal for me to share, but it's not as if I'm giving out names or anything. Besides, the Internet has been the public diary of much more naughtier deeds. After all that (believe me, there were more events I'm just as ashamed of), I was lucky to have my amazing friends and wonderful parents to help me get past it. Considering I left the aforementioned event a secret, now they can help me forget it.
New Year's resolution: Play hard to get.

5. Signing off Facebook. Should I thank The Social Network? Remember that movie, the one nominated for all those awards? I almost forgot it. Anyway, this was probably my defining moment of the year. Following a typical OMG-type sleepover this summer, I decided to disconnect myself from the cyber-world that is Facebook. That social networking labyrinth is the epitome of what our world is turning into: one that relies on this website to communicate and make friends. If that's the way we're practically forced to socialize, then I want no part of it. I sincerely hope my decision will inspire others to do the same and deactivate their accounts for good. Believe me, it is a relief.
New Year's resolution: Stay off Facebook. One that goes without saying really.

6. Hello, I'm drunk. This might be personal and inappropriate, but I consider this a rite a passage. A milestone in the gift of life, if you will. It all happened because of a frustrating 4th of July gathering of strangers. My mom let them in, of course, as they are relatives of her husband. Just the more reason to have a few glasses of wine. A few turned into many, until I am texting while under the influence of alcohol. It was only 9% alcohol though, and most certainly wasn't "all in my head".
New Year's resolution: Drink less?

7. Disney World. Do I even need to explain this one? What may have been one of the greatest trips to date, Walt Disney's fantasyland refused to disappoint, and, boy, did it astound me. For the thousandth time. Instead of writing fresh words describing my elation, allow me to provide an excerpt from my what-I-did-over-the-summer paper: "Standing in front of the enchanting Cinderella Castle, I can hardly believe I am in the center of a magical land. Adorned with delightful characters, amusing rides, and delectable cuisine, Walt Disney World is a magical place of wonder and joy. Everyone around is just as cheerful as I am, as if all the stresses of ordinary life had melted away, replaced by the dazzling aura of Disney. The serene park ambience allowed me to ease into the feel of being here, for its harmonious tune was enough to whisk me off to Fantasyland. The tropical scent of Floridian air was especially refreshing, as was the aroma of scrumptious foods I passed by. Even the sweltering heat could not wipe away my smile, for once you set foot in this whimsical paradise, there are more things to be focused on than sticky sweat." I got an 88 on that paper, in case you were wondering. I hold grudges.
New Year's resolution: Return to Disney World!

8. Elizabeth Taylor... I can't bring myself to say that she has passed. (And writing "R.I.P." is so foreboding and ominous.) The great Elizabeth Taylor, who has given us roles such as Cleopatra and...well, so far, that's the only film I saw her in. Even so, I consider her one of cinema's most iconic and glorious actresses. I feel slightly embarrassed that I have nothing more to say of her, other than the given: that she is one of Hollywood's last glamourous stars and she will be missed. She was quite glamourous, wasn't she?
Another tragic and ground-breaking loss was of Apple mogul Steve Jobs. Because of him, I am swiftly typing on my MacBook Pro. Because of him, I am able to escape the chaos of everyday life through the sounds of my iPod Touch. Without him, I am sure we wouldn't be as advanced as we are, and probably would still be using vintage flip-phones. The ones whose only feature is making phone calls. Again, I refuse to say R.I.P. because it's just enough to make you cry, isn't it? Here's to you, Steve Jobs. You will also be missed.
New Year's resolution: Don't forget them.

9. There once was a man named Brian. There won't be any limerick, so if that's what you came for, you can just get the hell out of here. No, this has to do with my personal realization (an epiphany, perhaps) of my true feelings. Throughout the previous "work" year, I have grown to be very good friends with Brian, a fellow "co-worker". (I mention him in my bio tab above.) Anyway, over the summer, I've developed...feelings...for him. Romantic-type feelings. Indeed. Now, this is a significant event for me because, well, he's sort of my soulmate. I know that sounds rather excessive, even desperate, but it's technically true. Should I hope Brian is reading this? I suppose I'll decide if he starts ignoring me.
New Year's resolution: Rather obvious, isn't it?

The plan was to note ten major events, but I couldn't think of another one. So, there are my nine most important occurrences of the year 2011. While some are joyful and others are humiliating, they were all part of my experience of this little thing called life. Ever heard of it? (Cheesy comedy banter, right there. Let's move on.) And, without further ado, let us all look forward to a fantastic new year! Enjoy yourselves tonight because life's too short to be wasting by watching movies all the time. Unless you're me. Happy New Year!


  1. Welcome to 2012 :) It's gonna be a blast.

  2. Unlike a lot of bloggers I don't actively go looking for comments from people any more, so it was really nice to hear from you over at my place today.
    I do like the way you give a lot of yourself in your posts because it's something I could never do. This post is a perfect example.
    Good luck with you life in 2012.