Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ted Bundy: Monster of the Century

I'd like to start off by saying: Yes, I am back. Granted, this may be an isolated post, as I am still as busy as I have been for the past several months. Busy with what, I'll let you wonder. I still aspire to become a forensic psychologist/psychiatrist (whichever comes easier to achieve), so writing film reviews is merely a waste of my talent--I just choked on those words! How dare I say writing about film is a waste! And what nerve I have to call my writing ability a "talent". How utterly vain of me. Didn't you miss me?

The purpose of this post is to share an insight. This might be an idea scattered across Internet forums from eclectic, unknown sources, but I figured I should join in the crowd, if there is indeed a crowd to follow. In my typical weekend occupation of studying crime and notorious killers, I found a documentary about Ted Bundy on YouTube called "Serial Killer ~ Ted Bundy (Documentary)". It is a very interesting video, though not thoroughly thorough. The one impression it left with me--so far, at least, for I am watching it as I type--was who Ted Bundy resembled. Not only did he resemble a certain someone, I see an uncanny look-a-like actor. This implies an opportunity to make a real Hollywood film about the most infamous serial killer in American history, since the actor in question is very much prevalent and at the ripe age to portray Ted Bundy. Enough beating around the bush…

Ted Bundy

Michael Fassbender

Need I say more? Of course, I may have exaggerated when I said "uncanny", as I tend to do, but this is still a pretty good resemblance. Rarely do actors look exactly like another person. (See: Jim Morrison and Val Kilmer; Lee Harvey Oswald and Gary Oldman.) Because Bundy often changed his appearance on various whims, Michael Fassbender could have fun as a chameleon in this role, which helps him pull off the look-a-like scale all the more. Aside from the resemblance, Michael Fassbender can, for lack of a better phrase, play the shit out of this role. Actually, there is a more appropriate way of arranging that statement: Michael Fassbender can give a remarkable performance as the sadistic psychopath. He would extend upon his performance in 12 Years a Slave, most definitely, because he would, hopefully, be directed by a more adept filmmaker. (Steve McQueen is no such filmmaker. Dreadful.) There are plenty of fine directors out there who could make a phenomenal biopic about Ted Bundy, one that is not straight-to-DVD (i.e., watched by no one) but one that is released internationally in theaters.

Ted Bundy is an individual whose story, originally, shocked the nation; however, the story only reaches those interested enough to browse Wikipedia for pertinent information, such as myself and other freaks out there. If you don't already know, Ted Bundy was a serial killer who terrified the Pacific Northwest in the late 1970s and 1980s. His victims were young women and even young girls. His youngest known victims were each twelve years old, one of which, named Kimberly Leach, is the one that sentenced him to death in 1980. In 1978, he was sentenced to death, also, for the brutal murders of two Florida college students. Three death sentences! He finally died by electric chair on January 24, 1989--an astonishing ten years later. I say "astonishing" because such a horrific monster should be killed on the spot. Such people, if you can call them that, do not deserve lifetime rehabilitation because they are unable to be mentally reformed. Nevertheless, he was indeed executed, albeit much later than wanted. Beyond the twenty identified victims, Bundy is suspected of murdering countless other women. Also, he has claimed that after burying his victims in scattered wooded spots, he would visit their corpses and perform sexual acts on the decomposing bodies. If that isn't incentive for the sick freaks of Hollywood to make a profit on the public's equally sick obsession of crimes, I don't know what is. This picture depicting America's most lurid serial killer has to be made. Period.

As I said, this post might be one of very few in the year. We are nearly halfway into 2014, and this is my first post since August of last year. Shoot, I sure made those who actually read this wait a heck of a long time, huh? In case you were wondering just how I am doing, I'd say fantastic. I committed to a university a couple of weeks ago, and given the fact that Ted Bundy murdered many college girls, I'll keep quiet on where I'll be going. Just in case. What I will say is that I was given a full ride there, as well as accepted into the Honors program that will send me studying abroad for free also. Boom. In recent news, I was given a black eye two days ago during an unnecessarily violent game of Frisbee. As I was reaching to catch the flying disc of doom, a player on the opposing team whacked it away from me, ricocheting into my eye somehow. It hurt, to say the least, and now people ask what my boyfriend did to me. Only thing is, I don't have a boyfriend, so the joke is on them! I'm so lonely. Prom is less than a month away, and I have my dress from Macy's and, again, no date. Not an invitation by the way.

For the time being, farewell. I hope to frequent this blog of mine more often! So long!

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