Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Year That Was... 2015

Greetings and Happy Holidays! I had to capitalize Happy Holidays because it's just something that needs to be done around the holidays. Technically, it's still "the holidays" since today is New Year's Eve! I'm honestly really excited about writing this because it's been so long since I've written a year retrospective. Or year in retrospect. The year that was 2015 has certainly flown by, as most years seem to do. Fly by at sonic speeds, that is. Aside from my personal life and the landmarks I've experienced this year, 2015 has been a major year for movies, so it is quite convenient to write this post. You know, sharing about my life and movies, the very essence of this blog. As before, I will write in short segments, separating each event as I've done before. Before. After.

1. First real relationship. I don't really know how to start this one off. It was a major turning point in my life--both the beginning and end of the thing. I've always been hesitant to talk about it because I really don't know what to say. There are really no feelings to express, since it's over now. Granted, I'm still trying to move on. Not with another relationship, but still emotionally trying to move past it. This is understandable, of course, since I've never really felt the way I did with him with anyone else. I can say all this on here because I'm pretty confident that he's not keeping tabs on my blog. Who would? I'll continue my train of thought by saying that I've said "really" four times already. The time we were together was truly the best period of recent memory. It was the time I felt most happy about everything, the most secure I've been. It's sort of pathetic to say a guy can have that much of an influence on my self-esteem, since I should know for myself that I am beautiful or whatever, but having someone care about you and tell you you're beautiful helps. It lifted me up from the depths of severe insecurity and issues with the way I viewed myself. This is getting deep, I realize, and I'm describing the relationship as something that helped me, as if it were an elixir rather than a dual partnership. And I do acknowledge that I felt incredibly happy and good about myself with him. Beyond that, I tried to reciprocate and do the same for him, which I hoped I somewhat did for the short time we were together. For how amazing he was to me, I really hope for that. Although I regret ever getting together with him at times when I feel reminiscent and low, I can honestly say that I am thankful for the experience as well as the joy he brought into my life during that time. Fin.

2. Welcome to Tinder. I realize that is quite a jump from the previous segment. I won't get too detailed into this, as it is incredibly embarrassing, but I feel the need to purge as a means of healing. My one resolution for the year is to delete this app from my phone because it only serves as a transient cure to a deeper issue. For those of you who don't know, Tinder is an app where people seek other people in hopes for conversation (delusional statement) or a hookup (more realistic). It truly is embarrassing, especially for someone who, deep inside, wants a serious relationship and, eventually, marriage. At my age, I justify my use of the app by saying that, "I'm young and I should have fun while I can." By saying that, however, I'm insinuating that marriage isn't fun, and I really don't want to believe the movie stereotypes that love dies after marriage. Another justification for my use of the app is, "I need to heal after my break-up." That is a terrible excuse because it's saying that I'm using sex as a distraction or as something to fill the void of my depression. Writing this, I really feel filthy and sleazy, which fortunately motivates me to delete the app. On the bright side, I've never met an absolute creep or someone dangerous. Most of my encounters were actually quite pleasant. Why, one time, back in Baltimore, I met a guy who lived in D.C. who was probably my dream guy. He had his own apartment, he loved movies, he always had wine, and, above all, he was the most relaxed, intellectual person I've ever met. And he was twenty-five. Perfection. Of course, I will be deleting the app, girl scout's honor. I'm not a girl scout. But I will delete it. Yep.

3. First real job. Once I moved back home from Baltimore, I decided to fill my summer with work. For the very first time. After futile job searching, my mom hooked me up with a job at a little Irish pub-themed restaurant called Bennigan's. I was a hostess there for the summer, from June to the end of August, and, since I no longer work there, I should be free to share my experience there. It was a simple enough job: greeting and seating guests, keeping the restaurant clean, bussing tables sometimes, cleaning windows (pain in the ass), taking orders over the phone, making deliveries to the hotels next door, etc. Nothing too complicated. However, by some inexplicable means, the job was made into a gruesomely laborious task. I dreaded going to work every single day because the management made the job a literal fucking hell. Granted, most people feel this way about their jobs, and this is my initial exposure to such aches and pains. But I am sure everyone loves to read the troubles of a disgruntled employee. I sure love to bitch about it. Even after four months, the pain of the god-awful place still haunts me. The single refuge that place offered were my co-workers. I loved every single one of them, pretty much, and I still keep in touch with a few. Every party I had, I invited them all and they are a fantastic addition. I'll leave it there with a sweet note. Bennigan's sucks.

4. Brand new car. As the spoiled little Daddy's girl I am, I received the amazing gift of a brand new car last August. Not much to say about this. Other than the fact that I am now driving a 2016 Mazda 6 around town. Cruising is more like it, for I am truly riding in luxury. I'm purposely bragging about it because I think it's funny how people become spoiled brats when they get new cars. I actually did a little photoshoot where I was lying on the hood of the car with a huge fan blowing at me with "She's my Cherry Pie" playing in the background. But why do you need music for a photoshoot? To pump you up, that's why. I hope you can sense the heavy sarcasm. One little hiccup I had so far with the beautiful car is a fender bender with one of those yellow concrete poles they have in parking lots. I bumped into one and had to pay $900 for a new bumper. All we can learn from this is that I am a stupid driver and I have a creative imagination.

5. First ever road trip feat. Disney World. Here's the part where we all say, "Road trip!" like a bunch of awesome frat guys. Yes indeed, my best friend and I embarked on our very first road trip a couple weeks ago. We travelled from our little hometown in New Jersey all the way to Orlando, Florida. It was a radical ride and lasted about eighteen hours total. On the way there, we drove primarily through the night, which was an exhilarating experience. How we managed to stay awake all the way through without stopping is a mix of espresso, excitement, and Red Bull. First sip of Red Bull circa 2015. By the middle of the afternoon the next day, we were basking in the glorious sun of Florida. My friend and I stayed at a gorgeous three-bedroom townhouse ten minutes away from Walt Disney World--a magnificent vacation that lasted one week. We spent our days shoving through sweaty crowds in various Disney parks; and we spent our nights getting fucked up. I exaggerate and tease you all of course. We drank every night, but not quite as much as I anticipated. That's a win for our livers, I suppose. Walt Disney World itself was absolutely breathtaking, as it always is. Being there with just my best friend was fantastic as well, the ultimate Disney fun experience I would say. Going with just my mom was amazing too, just saying mom. The drive back home was less exciting since we were leaving the most magical place on Earth. Despite the heavy fog around the D.C.-Maryland area in the middle of the night, the drive was just as smooth. Although we didn't take as many pictures as I had hoped, I have the mental images and feelings of a truly splendid trip. Success.

Well, there you have it. My year in a nutshell. I am absolutely positive that there is more to talk about, but for the time being, that's all folks. I'm mostly cutting this post short because I'm having a New Year's Eve party that starts at 7 and I need to get all dolled up for the occasion. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve! Stay off the roads at all costs because those coppers be lurking everywhere tonight. And remember, better safe than sober. Cheers everyone.

6. Special Movie Edition. Just a brief mention, since I completely forgot about the movies of 2015. I really hate to cursor over this significant aspect of the year, especially since this is a movie blog. In this emergency case--that is, I'm in a hurry to get drunk with my friends--I'll make a list of movies I loved this year, as well as major movies that were released that I want to watch (featuring an asterisk). Enjoy. Also, I will forget many of them.

Ted 2
Sleeping with Other People
Steve Jobs
*Inside Out
*Star Wars Episode XVII: The Force Awakens
*Daddy's Home

That's a pathetic list, but blame my memory being awful. Happy New Year!