Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ahh... Christmas Time

Holidays are upon us all!
Or is it Christmastime? Yes, one and all, that time is upon us. Sleigh bells jingling...uh...ring ling tingling too? You know that tune, as well as what Christmas is all about. (What is Christmas really about? Not now!) And you guessed it: Christmas time yields Christmas movies! Just another reason why this is my favorite time of year. I realize there are many anti-Christmas people (or as I call them, cheerless pricks) who criticize that Christmas is no longer what it once was. I suppose the time they are referring to is families gathering together, in matching sweaters, laughing with their loved ones. Sure, that's what Christmas is about, in a fucking Hallmark greeting card. (Pardon my obscenities, this is no time for such language.) Those holiday-pessimists accuse Christmas of becoming a commercial holiday, something not to get so excited about. Personally, I don't see Christmas as that because the mood of it all is so joyful and merry! I have no time to complain about the modernization (I suppose that's what those pricks call it) of Christmas. Sure, presents are quite important, but it's more than just that. Take me, for instance, I'm not looking forward to Santa's long-awaited visit or the presents he'll bring me. What I'm anticipating is the wonderful holiday bliss surrounding the occasion. And a visit to the nation's capital with my dad, for New Year's Eve. Oh, so excited I am!
Moving on, considering Thanksgiving (which I call pre-Christmas) has passed and December has begun, I believe my future posts shall be all about Christmas! Oh yes, I said it, and I damn well mean it. The films of this special genre have such a magical yuletide mood. It's almost like Disney World! (Almost that good.) I'm already starting to watch those warm-hearted Christmas movies, and you can be sure there will be a review or two of them. I am absolutely ecstatic. You could say I'm feeling jolly now that Christmas is on its way. Get it? Jolly? Jolly 'Ol Saint Nick? Come on, you guys, keep up. Happy Pre-lated Holidays!

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