Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas...Miracle?

I couldn't think of a suitable noun to go after "Christmas". I'm referring to the title. Anyway, in case you were wondering, my über-holiday cheer has not returned to its former ecstatic state. Again, I don't know why. Well, I do have an idea, but I'd rather not disclose that information with you. What I can share with you is how my Christmas is going so far. Point by point. Here it goes.

Mine looked similar to these...only not as good.
At seven in the morning, I awoke to see a snowless landscape outside, and suddenly wished I lived farther north in, say, Canada. Ay? (Sigh.) What I had meticulously planned, weeks ago, was that I would make a huge stack of Russian crepes by myself and expect a delicious result. I had some experience with my dad, who is a master at crepe-making. (Not over flattery, it's true.) Whilst I am making crepes, my mom would be making Belgian waffles with her new waffle maker, as well as some lattes with out new Dolce Gusto machine. (Droolismo!) Then, we would all gather around the scrumptious treats and savor in its glorious taste. What happened instead? I'll tell you. My first batch of crepes stuck to the pans, and therefore could not be made edible. My second batch was flippable, yet not dark and crispy enough. In order to make successfully tasty crepes, they have to have dark circles on them and be surrounded by a crispy crust. Mine turned out too light in color and rather flimsy. They were more restaurant-quality than bakery, which is not a good thing. Fortunately, they were decent when smothered in blueberry compote. According to my mom, they were "delicious"; then again, she did soak them in butter, sugar, and cherry compote. Yum. Her waffles were unlike true Belgian waffles, being too soft and even undercooked looking. It wasn't her fault, of course, the thin waffle maker purchased in Ross was to blame. And Dolce Gusto? There were technical difficulties, evidently, and my cappuccino was a bit too hot and strong. Sure, I could have waited for it to cool and add some sugar, but it's a hassle. Just kidding, I finished my food by that time and was too full for that hyper-inducing beverage. That was my breakfast. Bon Appetite.

That's not my house.
Next on the agenda was opening presents. Considering I am over the age of seven, there was no excitement in this process. I picked all my gifts out beforehand, so there were no surprises, and the shutterbug known as my mom's husband was buzzing around asking us all to smile. The only pleasure in this procedure was seeing the look on my mom's face when she opened her present from me. And ripping the wrapping paper off was a childish delight, as well. I'm still a kid inside. While all this was going on, I thought to myself what a joy it is to believe in Santa. Only those who truly believe enjoy this part of Christmas most because the idea of a man granting their wishes, by bringing presents, is just so amazing to them. The bright, astounded look on their faces, their genuine smiles, it's enough to make you warm inside. (Imagine your heart glowing red at the sight of these joyful littluns.) Their joy makes me wish that I still, truly, believed in Santa Claus. Because with him around, Christmas is just more to look forward to, and a motivation to keep your holiday spirits up. Say, did I just return to my initial issue of losing festive cheer? Why, yes, I believe I did. Neat-o.

After that, I entertained my little brother for a few hours (my mom best not deny this) and then took a steamy shower. Okay, that's a bit too graphic. Among the hours spent playing my new game on PlayStation Portable, I wrote this very post, to remind you all the true meaning of Christmas. Whoops, wrong line. Actually, I wrote this because I felt like venting my dullness to you people. (What do you mean "you people"?) Never fear because at midnight tonight I'm hitting Duncan's Toy Chest, five floors of cash...wait, wrong line again! Seriously, though, at midnight my dad's picking me up and I'm spending the rest of winter break with him. What fun! For New Year's, we're heading on over to Georgetown in Washington D.C. Again, what fun! Between now and then? Thirty-dollar gift card for Cold Stone Creamery. Thanks, Santa. Merry Christmas to all! And to all...bye.


  1. That line about your steamy shower cracked me up!!
    Enjoy the rest of your Christmas.

  2. I really did love your pencakes! Injoy Coldstone tomorrow!!!Love you, your Mom. Goodnight!!!

  3. It's past midnight here in the U.K. so all that remains to be said is..........
    Happy New Year!