Monday, December 12, 2011

An Ordinary Monday: Good News, Bad News

Good morning everyone! Are you having a bad case of the Mondays? I for one am not, surprisingly. Why, you didn't ask? Well, for starters, a certain "boss" whom I really do not care for is absent today, to my utter relief and joy. (I say "boss" instead of teacher because I'm sure that would relate to you more, as I am sure the majority of people reading this is well over ---teen.) Also, I've found out this year's prime Oscar contenders. Oh, how exciting! I simply love this time of year, don't you? Not only is Christmas less than two weeks away, but awards season has officially begun! All those Critic Awards (New York Critics, etc.) have been announced, and I'm pleased to see The Artist is doing exceptionally well. What is The Artist, you may ask? Basically, it's the movie I am most looking forward to seeing. (But that doesn't really reveal much about the film, other than it looks incredible.) The Artist is a sort of homage to those films of the golden-era of the 1920s--it's in black-and-white and completely silent! No word is uttered throughout, I'm told, and the musical score is absolutely marvelous. You'd have to watch the trailer yourself to get as giddy as I am. Anyway, so far, like last year, I have no complaints about the contenders this year. In other words, there are no Slumdogs or Hurt Lockers for me to get aggravated about. So far. You never know.

All right, onto why I really wrote this post. As you might have noticed, I have been posting a movie review every Tuesday steadily. (Not sure if "steadily" was needed.) Anyway, I am writing you now to inform you that I will not be making this week's highly-anticipated review. (I am confident in saying it is highly-anticipated, correct me if I'm wrong in my assumption.) On top of that unfortunate news, I may not be making next week either, unless I uncover something insatiably noteworthy. The reason for this delay is that, at the moment, I have several things going on at "work" (such as the horrible "boss" mentioned above) and I really can't squeeze my weekly posts in. It pains me to say this, truly it does! Never fear, though, because when I have something really interesting to write, it just pours out of me in an energized torrent.

On a film-related note, last night, I watched Deck the Halls with my mother. Can you guess how that went? She basically repeated everything the actors just said, if it was funny, just as she did with Surviving Christmas. Ascribe this irking habit to her for future reference, as she most of the time does this. (I love my mom.) As for the movie itself, it was predictably corny and even ridiculous. Danny DeVito got a Razzie nomination for his role of Buddy Hall, a guy whose fixation on making his house visible from space is annyoing his neighbor, played by Matthew Broderick, to a point where he wants to sabatoge him. You could say his neighbor wants to "deck" him. Get it? Deck the Halls? It's the name of a yuletide tune, and it's a literal plan of action. To "deck" the Halls...Buddy Hall. I found it amusing. Anyway, Danny DeVito really did not earn that nomination, as this is meant to be super cheesy because it's a holiday movie! Those goddamn Razzie pricks have no holiday spirit. Those bitches. In fact, the Razzies are known for nominating holiday movies, such as Surviving Christmas and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. I might even write a post expressing my agitation over their narrow-minded, quasi-cynical lack-of spirit. I very well just might have to do that. For now, Happy Holidays!

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