Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Dramatic Confession

I'm not going to waste time/space by trying to act dramatic. The title is simply a hint of what I am confessing to. What am I confessing to? Well, you may have noticed that there are no new film scores to peruse over. (Peruse?) There is a perfectly sane reason of why I haven't watched any movies this week. Seriously, no movies whatsoever. Why, you may be wondering? Remember that massive Desperate Housewives post I wrote a few months back? I'm sure you do. And don't worry, I won't be writing any more monstrocities for quite a while. However, at the moment, my dad and I are rewatching another complete series, omitting one horrible season three. That show, my friends, is The O.C., a teen-oriented soap that is full with (at times, pathetic) drama.

As I said, I will not be writing a massive blog post on everything about this show. What I will do is give you a bit of a summary over the show and its complex characters. Just kidding, they're not not complicated. It is a teen show after all. Right now, I have finished seasons four and one (yes, in that order) and am now going through season two. Again, like seasons six through eight of Desperate Housewives, I will not be rewatching season three of The O.C., as it is completely uninteresting. Another follow-up on the eighth season of Desperate Housewives will be at the end of this post. Now, onto Orange County.

I will not be revealing any specific plots of the show. Spoiler-free.

The O.C. starts out with Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie), a rebel-without-a-cause-type of guy raised on the wrong side of the tracks, getting arrested for grand theft auto. In jail, he's provided with a lawyer with a charitable heart named Sandy Cohen. Long story short, Sandy adopts Ryan considering he shows potential of being, say, a successful architect. Sandy's wife, Kirsten Cohen, at first, is very frigid towards this strange kid picked up in jail, but then warms up to him in the most heart-warming of ways. Sandy and Kirsten prove to be incredibly caring parents (that's right, parents) for Ryan, as they consider him as part of the family. No, it's not corny. You'd think, knowing me, that I would criticize this bond, but the entire show works so well, it turns out to be genuinely sweet. The Cohens have another son named Seth, who is so lovably neurotic and self-absorbed that you just adore his geekish aura about him. (He's my favorite character in the show, without a doubt.) Next door lives the so-called girl-next-door who is so-called beautiful and so-called amazing: Marissa Cooper. Quite frankly, she is terrible. No need to put on the sugar coat, she is simply terrible. Her lanky body and lurking manner give her this utterly awkward trait, both physically and emotionally. She always wants to either "talk" or "hang out"; she is known to get drunk at nearly every social event, which is every episode; she despises her mother, really for no rational reason; she claims to love her father, but I don't really see it, as he is never involved when something bad happens to his daughter; she focuses everyone on her, in any situation, even when it has nothing to do with her; her definition of love seems flimsy, as she finds rebounds immediately and declares her love for them. I feel I'm going in circles with this obnoxious troll. Basically, she is messed up.

Other characters include Summer Roberts, the love of Seth's life who is your average popular-girl with a twist of endearing quirkiness and even a geek-gene; Julie Cooper, Marissa's so-called "evil" and superficial mother who has a tendency to marry rich men when they're just about to lose it all; Jimmy Cooper, Marissa's dad who is a fool in the show, just a silly old fool who no one seems to care for; Caleb Nichols, Kirsten's father and Julie's new husband with a shady past (secret) and he represents "big business" and the crimes along with it; and many other interchangable characters. Some stay, some leave, and some just die. (Secrets.)

Well, you're basically caught up with the show, omitting the juicy secrets of course. If you got the impression that this show is a depressing, shocking teen-soap, then you're partially correct. It is a teen-soap. Most of the time, this show emits a warm, joyful feeling that makes you smile all the way through. (Not smile in a freak way, as some freak who smiles all the time would. You're probably picturing some horror-movie freak smiling. Moving on.) Sure, this show has its drama, and, golly, is it dramatic. Where does it come from, you may wonder? Marissa. That aggravating fool brings the show to a grungy, side-effect-of-drugs low. Whether it be (censored) or when she's (censored), she brings out the melancholy feeling you may experience. (Melancholy. I bet you liked that word.) Never fear, though, because she won't be here for long. Yes, she's one of the leads who leaves the show. Oh, darn, did I give away a vital spoiler? Well, Mischa Barton did on some Tonight show before the episode even aired, so I figure I'm all right. But when that does happen, boy, does the show improve by an entire degree and a half! You'll see. That is, if you decide to watch this surprisingly delightful show.

Yeah, she's still here too.
Now, onto that Desperate Housewives update I promised. Well, as of this moment, the show is going through that period where they aren't airing episodes every Sunday. Before, in the show's high-quality groove, I used to be at the edge of my metaphorical seat waiting for the next episode weeks later. In its eighth season? I barely notice it hasn't aired in so long. However, as the show is entering that desirable stage of Sex and the City-horrible, I experience myself in a state of impatience. That's right, I am waiting for the next episode once more. Even though the show is still utterly awful, it finally caught my attention again. Just not in the way they intended. As for Desperate Housewives, the show:

They're observing Susan's painting: just as bad as the show.
All the Housewives are still suffering through the guilt of having been involved in murdering Gabby's stepfather. The minute that topic comes up in the show, I roll my eyes and tilt my head back until they're done. Really? So, Carlos killed Gabby's stepfather, as he was about to rape her again (when she was fourteen). Gabby's friends helped keep it a secret, so they wouldn't get in trouble. So, what the fuck is wrong here? I can't even go into this again. As for the specific plots among our ladies? Lynette is becoming an annoying factor in Tom's relationship with another woman. The two are seperated, by the way. Even when they are supposedly going to get a divorce, it doesn't feel like they're broken up because they act towards one another as they did when they were together. Whatever. Susan is being recognized for her brilliant paintings. When I say brilliant I am describing the drawings that look as if they were made by her Giraffe-son. And now she's moving to New York to become a famous artist? That's just too easy to mock. Bree is going back to drinking her problems away, as all her friend abandon her because she kept too many secrets from them. (Whatever.) She's also being harassed by her ex-boyfriend Chuck who happens to be kind of an asshole. And an atrocious actor. Bird-face. Gabby is, by far, the worst character of the show now. She has become an exceedingly spoiled, rich brat, as if she weren't enough of that already. She is way to condescending towards the other woman of the neighborhood at her PTA meetings, acting like she is so much more pampered because she gets ten-dollar pedicures at the pharmacy. But those woman at the meetings are no better, as they act like typical housewives who have no time to clean themselves up. Seriously, you can't put on a clean shirt before the meetings? I'm sure they won't start without you, Anne. (There is no Anne, I'm just making an example of Gabby's fellow PTA members.) Anyway, this show isn't getting much better. In fact, it's getting worse, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In this case, the more awful it is, the more I enjoy it. That makes sense, you know it does.

Three more days until Christmas! And tomorrow is Festivus! Happy Holidays!

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