Friday, December 16, 2011

Golden Globe Nominations Announced!

The day I've been waiting weeks for has finally arrived...and I forgot about it. Even yesterday I was thinking to myself, "Wow, tomorrow I will find out this year's official Oscar contenders." And then this morning, as I log onto my computer at "work", simply to pass the time, I see an enthusiastic announcement: Golden Globe Nominations! Gracious, I am thrilled that awards season is approaching so quickly. Right before my eyes, you could say. But why would you say that? Anyway, allow me to introduce you to this year's best movies, or in other words, the Golden Globe nominees.

Best Movie - Drama
The Descendants
The Help
The Ides of March
War Horse

Best Movie - Comedy/Musical
The Artist
Midnight in Paris
My Week with Marilyn

I'll continue after this brief interruption. Now, I admit, I was a bit disappointed not to see Horrible Bosses under the Comedy/Musical category. I was almost certain that the hilarious film would make the cut. The Artist, as you may know from my last post, is a delight to see first on the list. (It's a definite win, people.) I expected to see Bridesmaids here, based on how popular it was, though quite honestly, I didn't care for it too much. I know, I'm sad to say it myself, as I love Kristen Wiig! And if that movie made the list, Horrible Bosses definitely had potential to be there, too. Instead of My Week with Marilyn, I'd say. Doesn't that count as a drama? I highly doubt Marilyn's life can be depicted as merry and/or musical. Neither here nor there (or there). Last but not least, Midnight in Paris: Woody Allen's best yet. Maybe it will have a chance against The Artist.... My indecision between which movie I want to see take home the Globe makes me that more excited to watch this year's race! I have no complaints for the dramas. As an admirer of Martin Scorsese, I'm rooting for Hugo at this point. I have not seen any of the nominees on this list, so stay tuned. (To avoid my dragging opinions, I'll simply bold my preferred nominees. So I won't make another lengthy interruption.)

Best Actor - Drama
George Clooney - The Descendants
Leonardo DiCaprio - J. Edgar
Ryan Gosling - The Ides of March
Michael Fassbender - Shame
Brad Pitt - Moneyball

Best Actress - Drama
Glenn Close - Albert Nobbs
Viola Davis - The Help
Rooney Mara - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady
Tilda Swinton - We Need to Talk About Kevin

Best Actor - Comedy/Musical
Jean Dujardin - The Artist
Brenden Gleeson - The Guard
Joesph Gordon-Levitt - 50/50
Ryan Gosling - Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Owen Wilson - Midnight in Paris

Best Actress - Comedy/Musical
Kristen Wiig - Bridesmaids
Kate Winslet - Carnage
Jodie Foster - Carnage
Charlize Theron - Young Adult
Michelle Williams - My Week with Marilyn

Best Supporting Actor
Kenneth Branagh - My Week with Marilyn
Albert Brooks - Drive
Jonah Hill - Moneyball
Viggo Mortensen - A Dangerous Method
Christopher Plummer - Beginners

Best Supporting Actress
Berenice Bejo - The Artist
Jessica Chastain - The Help
Janet McTeer - Albert Nobbs
Octavia Spencer - The Help
Shailene Woodley - The Descendants

Best Director
Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris
Martin Scorsese - Hugo
Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist
George Clooney - The Ides of March
Alexander Payne - The Descendants

Now, as I excited as I usually am for awards season, tonight, I'm just not feeling too well. Not to get personal, but I think I had a bit too much of a certain element that makes one dizzy and sleepy. In fact, I can barely keep my head alive for my work (that I received from "work"). I apologize for my inappropriate state of being, and I promise not to let it effect my awards-buzz in the future. I crossed that out because it is totally inappropriate and way too personal. Why didn't I just delete it then? Well, once my thoughts fall onto here, there's no turning back. Actually, yes there is. But I won't. On a jolly note, ten nine more days until Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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