Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving Crave

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Since there aren't many good Thanksgiving movies, I won't be watching any themed films today. I will, however, be seeing The Muppets at around 5 o'clock... (I'm telling you the time because I'm hoping you will meet me there. Just kidding, please don't follow me.) and I am pretty hyped about it. Before that, I'll be having Thanksgiving lunch at my grandmother's house, with the whole gang: my mother, my two brothers, my mother's husband, my grandmother, her boyfriend, and their many animals. I just know you are super antsy to join me. Considering how fun it all sounds. We are not having Thanksgiving dinner because we flip tables and say, "To hell with tradition!" Actually, I really don't know why we have lunch. I guess it's a Russian thing. Did I mention I'm Russian? Well, I'm Russian.

Anyway, it is highly likely that I will be indulging in lots of foods, including white-meat turkey, sauteed vegetables, and some succulent red wine. It's the holidays after all, so it shall be a guilt-free trip. Even though I'll probably end up regretting it the next morning. Insecurity and it's consuming power. Okay, what the hell am I telling you all this for? Well, I'm going there in about thirty minutes, and am biting my lip in worry of what it's going to be like. I know for a fact that the screams of football with echo throughout the house, to my dismay. And my grandmother will be scolding me for drinking, in Russian. Whoops, I mean she'll be scolding my mother, as she does every year. My baby brother, an adorable two-year-old with the manners of a gentleman, will be engaged in conversations with anyone who feigns interest. Most likely, me. (But I do love the little guy...though he's rather big for a two-year-old. Sorry, mom.)

Let's see, what else? My nine-year-old brother will be irking with questions of why I'm not with my "stupid dad" today, or with remarks on how I hate his dad. More like constant announcements on how I can't stand him, so everyone can hear and shake their head at what a rotten girl I am. At least, that's what I believe they're thinking. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother, but lately he's been turning into a callous, gruff boy. Maybe because he's making up for the fact that he's overweight, he's trying to impress everyone and let them know he's a tough guy? You know how boys can be, you can figure it out for yourself. All in all, I love both my brothers. (I don't refer to them as my half-brothers, even if they really are. I don't.)

Reluctantly, I will not make any sardonic remarks on my mother's husband, even though I'm really eager to. I won't because, as always, my mother could be reading this. Plus, I do not want to suck you all into my life, drama and all. This is a blog for movies, not my own personal life. Then why am I writing all this? Didn't I answer that already?

Anyway, onto the significance of the post title. I have been browsing several "foodie" blogs, gazing at the tasty-looking pictures of food, mainly desserts. I am a major sweet tooth. It's a sickness, really. Speaking of which, my mom baked some dessert called Death by Chocolate: apparently, it's this elaborate tower-like treat with chocolate (the yummy brownie kind) and toffee. If you don't know what toffee is, well neither do I. But I have tried it before, in Disney World, and it is delicious. Speaking of Disney World, that's my haven of over-indulgence of various foods, specifically in the Epcot World Showcase. My mouth is watering from just mentioning it. While I wander over to my grandmother's enjoy some delectable images of scrumptious food. Your mouth may indeed flood with saliva. (Eww.)
Banana Toffee Tower - Brown Derby

Cheesecake Napolean - Coral Reef

Gelato with fruit and chocolate - Tutto Italia 

Duck with green beans - Chefs de France

I took all those pictures with my Blackberry, at Disney World. Just thought I should tell you that. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. tatyana tharpNovember 27, 2011

    We had a really good Thanksgiven this year, Thankx to you my baby Girl! Love reading your not about movies blog and btw, noone thinks obout you as roten aspecially me!!!Its moore sweet and special... girl who is growing up so fast and very well adjusted to all sorts of Family life sometimes annoing situations! Love you, Mom.