Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Aggravated Gasp

 As you may guess, I use the Internet on occasion. In fact, I spend nearly half my day on the thing. Is it a thing? Or a place? Anyway, tonight, on this decent Wednesday evening, I am hit by a metaphorical train. Yes, a huge, flabbergasting slice of information. It regards the upcoming Oscar ceremony. I'm not sure if you know, but Eddie Murphy, the hilarious Eddie Murphy, was set to host the event. Did you see the was in that sentence? It implies that it was once a truth, but is now not a truth. A false statement. The wonderfully comic actor, who in my opinion is one of the funniest comedians of our time, has dropped out of the hosting gig after Brett Ratner, the former producer of the event, has also dropped out. The two of them have collaborated on the new comedy Tower Heist, and apparently they are very close friends. Why else would Eddie Murphy drop out? You may be wondering why Ratner himself dropped out. Well, I'll tell you why!

Brett Ratner, famous for the Rush Hour movies and The Family Man (possibly the best Christmas movie ever), made a derogatory comment directed towards...the homosexuals. I'm not even sure if that's the socially correct term for them. Is the fact I referred to them as a group offensive? Is my sarcastic tone offensive? Seriously, we all have to be so careful about what we say nowadays. Doesn't the fact that we're tip-toeing around the probable pitfalls of being called "anti-gay" discriminatory towards them? Honestly, if I were gay, I would feel insulted that people are over-flattering me and giving me special treatment. I might be a tad out of line, according to actual homosexuals, but I see this everyday. What may be seen as justice or fair treatment, such as saying that "being gay is cool" or boasting about homosexuality, is really incorrect. When I say incorrect, I mean that it's promote homosexuality, nor is it right to protest against it. In other words, the gays... (or homosexuals, yet they mean the same thing, yes?) should simply be left do live their own life, just like any heterosexual person. Either orientation is born the same way and is made of the same components... (like robots?) we just do different things behind closed doors.

Alright, now that I got that out of the way. Onto why I started this post. To why I gasped aggravatingly. During an interview with the racy Howard Stern, Brett Ratner referred to the homosexuals as "fags" (not cool, man) for whatever reason. (I still don't see how gays got into their interview, which I assume was about his new movie, Tower Heist. Anyway...) after that comment, Ratner was forced out of his role as producer of the 84th Annual Academy Awards. I'm sorry, I mean he resigned. After he stepped down (more like pushed down...I mean, pushed down with assistance) Eddie Murphy dropped out of hosting. And here we are. This news is all over the place, from MSN Home to Entertainment Weekly. News travels fast.

The reason I typed up this post was to express my genuine disappointment that Eddie Murphy won't be hosting this year's Oscars, an event I look forward to all year long. That Eddie Murphy was hosting it made me anticipate it with even more joy! This could have been his comeback, after all his cinematic disasters. In my opinion, his recent movies were no different than his others. They are all hilarious, those I watch more than once. Especially Norbit! Sure, the humor isn't intellectual, but he does make a not-so-subtle hint to how ghetto some African-American girls can be. That movie, which got a handful of Razzies, and others that received negative reviews: they were all great. Eddie Murphy is, most likely, the greatest African-American actor/comedian out there. (Yes, even better than Martin Lawrence...sarcasm, Martin Lawrence is a bad actor.) Anyway, it is truly upsetting that he stepped down from hosting.

Hopefully, the Academy will make a smart choice in hiring another fantastic comedian. Yes, a comedian, not another Anne Hathaway-James Franco disaster. Already, rumors of another host are spreading. The most-popular candidates, I've seen on the Internet, are Billy Crystal, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ricky Gervais. First off, a huge no to Neil Patrick. Yet they might hire him because he's gay. You may scoff at my cynicism now, but just wait until he gets the job. (I'd be really disappointed, by the way. And no, not because he's gay, because he's not funny.) Billy Crystal is a sure-fire winner, since he's actually won Emmys for his incredibly hilarious stints on previous Oscar ceremonies. Plus, I just adore him. If Ricky Gervais hosted, an astounding long-shot, that would be something to see. I must note that I absolutely love him, finding his wry sense of humor scrumptious! (Scrumptious?) If he hosted, the Academy has truly changed their predictable ways. Being unpredictable. Obviously.... I'll wrap this post up by bidding you adieu, as I continue my Friends marathon. And no, it's not a marathon where I hang out with all my friends. Because I don't have any, duh. It's a marathon of the hit television series. Okay, I think I'll go now.

*Again, I must stress how this was not a post on how gays are assuming control over pop culture and society. It was about my shock and upset towards the departure of Eddie Murphy as host of next year's Oscars. Just want to put that out there. Into the world.

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  1. Very funny. Also make you think. A++++++++++++++++++