Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Incredulous Chuckle

Before you ask, no I did not use a thesaurus to create the title of the post. At first, I was going to title it "A Baffled Shock", but that wouldn't include my amusement of the whole occurrence. (Wait, what occurrence?) Well I'll tell you what occurrence! (I won't say occurrence again.)

As I go on my computer and venture over to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), as I always do every morning, I see three new trailers that have been released. One is a latest trailer for The Hunger Games, which I have absolutely no interest in, whatsoever. Another is for Mirror Mirror, an adaptation on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, starring a not-so-fair-looking actress as Snow White. Again, my interest isn't so significant. The third trailer is for a movie called Titanic. Say, didn't that movie come out, almost fifteen years ago? And didn't it win eleven Oscars? What gives? I'll tell you what gives: James Cameron's (only) masterpiece, Titanic, is being 3D. You read that right. 3-bloody-D.

There were rumors of this ridiculous event in recent years, when the surge of 3-D movies exploded into cinema. In all reality, 3-D movies have been irritating many viewers, including this one. (That would be me.) It seems that everything is in 3-D now, but that rant is so 2010. Here's a joke: Instead of saying a movie will be in 3-D, in their trailer, they should just specify if the movie won't be in 3-D. Because so many movies are in 3-D, there's no need to even say it will be in 3-D. Did you laugh?

Anyway, moving on to Titanic. I watched this movie, literally this past Saturday, for the third time, and am still amazed by the film. It is truly a cinematic work of art, with the final touch of marvelous acting by Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson. You read my review of the film on Leo's birthday-post. (If not, you should. It's kind of a big deal.) To release this movie in 3-D is an absolute crime. Why commercialize an already massive success? Oh yeah, to attain more success. Can you imagine the reception for Titanic IN 3-D? It would be massive! It might even break Avatar's box-office record! (Here's hoping.)

Now it may sound like I'm criticizing the whole thing, and it might seem like I'm justifying it as well, therefore somewhat of a paradox. However, I am doing neither. I'm merely astounded that 20th Century Fox (or whomever is selling this) actually made the decision of 3-D-izing a timeless classic. Who knows? Maybe Star Wars is next.... To be continued! (Not really.)

Titanic IN 3D will be released April 6, 2012.

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