Friday, November 4, 2011

A Friendly Letter

Dear Mr. X,

This letter is directed to one person in particular. No, not you, you. I just wanted to formally say hi! It's been three years since I've seen you on a regular basis. That's such a long time! And I have matured since then, oh yes. For starters, my fixation on Robert Downey Jr. has diminished quite noticeably, as I have turned my obsession on actors such as Jack Lemmon and Jack Nicholson. (It was a pure coincidence that they both happened to be named Jack. A total accident. Then again....)
Anyway, I have continued my eternal marathon of watching movies. Some include The Apartment, Midnight in Paris (recently, actually, and I will write a post about the marvelous Woody Allen), Horrible Bosses, Casablanca (which is over-rated, in my opinion; everything on this blog is my opinion), and so much more. But I'm sure you expected that. Speaking of Woody Allen, I still absolutely adore him. He is a magnificent director, an absolute artist. I sincerely hope your view of him has changed in these past couple of years. If not, there is something deeply wrong with you. (I hope I don't get in trouble for saying that, even if it is true. Damn, I said it again!)
Oh! (That was unnecessary.) I also watched my now-all-time favorite movie between the last time I saw you and the present. That movie is...When Harry Met Sally..., starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. I am completely and utterly in love with that movie. I'm sure I will review it on this very blog very soon. Maybe no emphasis on "very". I can get pretty darn lazy when it comes to writing on this blog, taking up to six-month hiatuses. You'll get used to it...unless you hate it and never read it again.
Anyway, I think I'll wrap up this little letter. I hope you enjoy my blog, if you decide to be an avid reader of it! And if you do, please do me the favor of following it. There should be a "follow" button somewhere in the top-right section of this page. You take care now!


P.S. I'm listening to Alphaville.

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  1. If you get around to reviewing When Harry Met Sally then I will definitely follow you.
    Until then.............