Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Unnecessary Post

Really, I have absolutely no reason to write anything. If you're reading this now, expect a totally meaningless rant about nothing. When I say "nothing", I'm referring to Seinfeld's definition of the term. If  you don't watch Seinfeld (you should), it means that the discussion, or whatever you would call it, is completely worthless to your existence. By all means, though, read on to witness my eccentricities.
I'd like to be honest with you all right now, I've had a heavy glass of wine with my dinner. Today, however, I drank before I ate, therefore, I became much more tipsy than usual. It's rather inappropriate, me sharing this with you, but that's a side effect of me drinking even the slightest. Then again, I drank before I ate. Forgive me, if I offend anyone in my stupor. (It's rather pathetic, me getting this tipsy after having merely one glass of wine. Nevertheless.) Now, as I listen to David Bowie ("Queen Bitch", to be more specific), I shall jump into a miscellaneous conversation.

There is a deeper reason that I am listening to this particular song, for it is the song playing in the Young Adult trailer, starring a Golden Globe-nominated Charlize Theron. Which reminded meow her unfair loss, and that Michelle Williams stole the award from her. You know my opinion on that wide-faced woman, if you read my previous post anyway, so it must be obvious that I wanted Charlize Theron to win. Did I mention that in the post? Well, I was rooting for Charlize Theron, as she was so irresistibly callous and a queen bitch, if you will. That's why the song fits her character so perfectly. Even though I haven't seen this movie (shocker, considering I've only seen The Help and Midnight in Paris of this year's awards season), I have a strong feeling it will be absolutely delightful, and that Charlize Theron would have deserved the Globe much more than that Michelle Williams character. Sigh. Let's move on.

When I went to "work" this morning, I was starting to feel a bit ill. Then it got worse, to a point where I was embarrassed of how much I sneezed and wheezed. No, I didn't take a sick day. I'm stronger than that, plus I had an important "presentation". Irrelevant. Anyway, I came home and dove into my comfy bed where I rested for about forty-five minutes. When I woke up, I was literally shocked how fast time flies. It's already the end of January, speaking of time. Can you believe it? For some, it might be dragging by excruciatingly, and it's hard to believe that. As I was saying, I woke up and took a refreshingly hot shower that cleared my sniffly nose. (I love mentioning my showers, don't I?) Now, did you enjoy my pointless little tale of how my day went? I'm sure you did.

Earlier today, I was thinking about last year's Oscar race, and how much faster I watched the spotlighted movie then. This year, as I said before, I've watched two or three buzzed-about movies. Pathetic. I'm hoping I'll squeeze in the time to watch at least the movie in competition with one another, such as George Clooney in The Descendants and Brad Pitt in Moneyball. Watching films in that fashion is my goal for the next month. Let us pray that I'll get the chance to do so. Then again, I'm agnostic.

Speaking of Disney World, I have a feeling I'll be going this summer, once again. But is that a surprise, really? Considering how much I utterly adore it, I'd be insulted if I didn't go. Wouldn't you? You may be asking, "Why did you even consider the thought of not going?", and I have a reasonable explanation for it: Europe. Thanks to some peppy, community-serivce-loving organization, I was supposed to go to Europe for three weeks this summer. Sounds like a dream, right? Did you happen to see "community-service-loving" in that sentence? Well, there is a loophole to every seemingly-perfect opportunity. In this case, it's community service. I don't know about other people, but I physically dislike community service. It takes too much effort, and the whole meaning/moral behind it is irritating and even hypocritical. (If I would have gone through with it, I may be considered a hypocrite. And I most certainly am not.) To sum up this little story, I chose the chance of going to Disney World over flying abroad to Europe, where I wouldn't even enjoy myself because I don't know anyone and it's just work. Who wants work in the summer? I don't.

I think I'm going to conclude this pointless post, as I am starting to feel weak and suddenly losing the feeling in my hands. Don't worry about me, though, I'll be fine. (I hope it's clear that I am too tired to even write a decent closing.) I apologize if I disturbed anyone with my stupor. Have a good weekend!

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  1. Your posts always make me smile.
    I hope your feeling better today!