Monday, January 30, 2012

A Brief Award Post

Last night, the Screen Actors Guild Awards took place. While I did not have the chance to watch it, I do have access to a computer, as well as the Internet. Therefore, I have the ability to review the winners, condensing a two-hour show into a mere five-minute perusal. (Although I do prefer to actually watch the ceremony, see the actors and all. Especially knowing who won.) I simply would like to highlight the most wonderful winner of the evening: Jean Dujardin for The Artist. It goes without further exultation that I absolute adored the film. I've exaggerated that strong feeling enough, don't you agree?

Irresistible, no?
Despite how passionate I feel about the film, primarily Jean Dujardin's marvelous performance, there is a slight chance that he will win the Best Actor award come Oscar night. George Clooney, to my dismay, has been receiving all the acclaim for his turn in The Descendants, and has been named the Oscar Frontrunner by Entertainment Weekly. (Whatever...) Don't mistake my eye-rolling attitude for actual dislike of George Clooney. Up until a while ago, I actually did not mind the fact that he would walk away with an Oscar this year. That is, until I finally watched The Artist. I still admire George Clooney, it's simply that I would much rather have Jean Dujardin win the award this year. I've said that enough already. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, however, Jean Dujardin triumphed over George Clooney. Do you know what that means? There is hope that the delicious French actor will take home an Oscar. I'm sure you've noticed that I called him "delicious" just then. Well, I have developed loving feelings for the actor, what with his charming good looks and captivating charisma. Not that it's a creepy issue at hand, but I do believe I am in love with him.

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