Sunday, February 24, 2013

Predicting the Oscars

With just a few hours away from the live Oscar telecast, I'd say this post arrived just in time. It would have been convenient if I were more prompt with my promises, but what can be done? Just be glad that I didn't post an apologetic post the next day, which was what a sour side of me was considering. Alas, here I am. But before I actually share my well-developed predictions, a montage of this year's Oscar-nominated films. Lest you failed to catch any of them at the multiplex.

Now then, onto the predictions. Why I titled the post as such is to imply that there is a certain fine art to predicting. Beyond merely watching all the nominated films--and even that is not always accomplished--one must place each of the contenders against one another and analyze their worth. While one film can be enjoyable and amusing, can it really stand a chance against a magnificent drama or biopic? Take, also, into consideration what the Academy has a proclivity towards, including true stories and safely subjective pictures. As for acting, this is much simpler, I think. Basically, for me anyway, the honor should be given to those who demonstrate outstanding ability in their trade, surpassing in performance beyond their competitors. Directing, most often, goes to the person behind the Best Picture, unless, in special circumstances, the most deserving director is not mentioned. And, worry not, I'll acknowledge the ignored as well, just as I did last year. To comprehend what to expect from this post (and it will be brief, I assure you), read last year's prediction post. I will begin with my actual predictions, who I think or know will definitely win tonight. Then, I will provide my opinions on who should win. There's not much needed explanation. Very basic process. I just wanted to engorge this introduction as thoroughly as permissible.
The Best Picture will go to... Argo
The greatest picture of the year, by far.
To describe a film about the Iranian hostage crisis with such a statement, alone, suggests its excellence and pure value.
The Best Actor will go to... Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln
Unquestionable. Magnificent transformation, as always.
The Best Actress will go to... Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook
Wonderful performance. She portrayed instability with affection and likability.
How can it not be her? She's simply adorable.
The Best Supporting Actor will go to... Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained
This was a difficult decision, but it has to be him.
Of course, he deserve any esteem he receives in any endeavor, so no objections.
The Best Supporting Actress will go to... Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables
Another certainty, though this is less pleasing.
All she did was sing one song and cry.
The Best Director will go to... Steven Spielberg for Lincoln
He is the single plausible candidate, really. Legendary as well as talented.
Though there is someone out there who deserves this title more...
Those are my gut feelings in this year's Oscar race. Though that is a distasteful way of wording it. Perhaps they will prove true when the time comes this evening. Two or three will, for sure. But, let's look beyond the surface of predicted winners, shall we? Into the realm of "what if" we go.
The Best Director should go to... Ben Affleck for Argo
And it absolutely would have gone to him, if the Academy made the logical and obvious choice of recognizing him.
That statuette should belong to this man, and, once again, I regret I doubted him earlier in the season.
I hope Mr. Spielberg acknowledges this fact. I sure will.
The Best Actress should not go to... Emmanuelle Riva or Quvenzhane Wallis
Absolutely not. The only reason either of them are present here are solely because of the record-age factor.
I haven't seen either of their films, nor will I, but I highly doubt there is anything worthy of an Oscar.
One should remain in the foreign categories, the other should remain in elementary school.
Too harsh for you? Well, everyone is likely to be thinking the same thing also.
The Best Supporting Actor should go to... Robert De Niro for Silver Linings Playbook
I have the highest hopes for him tonight.
His performance was so touching and heartfelt, he deserves the award.
Plus, have you heard: he's an amazing actor and person.
The Best Actress should not go to... Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty
I honestly tried to watch this movie, but it was excruciatingly dull.
Her performance, additionally, was nothing extraordinary, nor should she be given recognition to make up for Kathryn Bigelow's so-called snub.
Well, there you have it. Not only did I provide my factual predictions of what is likely to result from this evening's gathering, but I gave my preferences as well. For the moment and time being, I must return to my latest obsession. That, too, will wait until next time. Farewell, and enjoy the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Seth MacFarlane is the host of the event.

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  1. Enjoy your night.
    I've got my fingers crossed for De Niro!