Friday, February 15, 2013

Film Q&A (courtesy of Amateur Reviews)

I've been approached with the suggestion of joining a sort of "film buff movement" akin to the Liebster Award known as Film Q&A. This little fad consists of a series of questions pertaining, of course, to film. Rather than engorge this post with frivolous vocabulary and trivial updates on my own life, I'll get right to the questions. Perhaps, in addition to this post, I will write something about the Oscar race. The ceremony is a mere two weeks away after all. I really should be more consistent, agree?

1. Top Five Movies. Well, this is a bit awkward. Quite a difficult and limited question. There are just so many movies I consider to be the greatest of all time. Nevertheless, I shall narrow it down to five, one for each genre I suppose. In no particular order, they are:
Gone With The Wind
Some Like It Hot
When Harry Met Sally
Pulp Fiction
The Godfather

2. Top Five Directors. Much easier.
Woody Allen
Martin Scorsese
Rob Reiner
Nora Ephron/Nancy Meyers (they're one in the same, practically)
Billy Wilder

3. Top Five Actors.
Jack Lemmon
Robert De Niro
Leonardo DiCaprio
Stanley Tucci
Harrison Ford...just joking
Seriously now, Jack Nicholson

4. Top Five Actresses.
Michelle Pfeiffer
Kate Winslet
Vivien Leigh
Julia Roberts
Rachel McAdams

5. Favorite Fictional Character. My, what an in-depth question. This requires much reflection and thinking, especially when you've watched as many films as I have. More often than not, the villain is preferred as the best character in movies. Why, that's why there is an entire villain exhibit in Disney's Hollywood Studios, including a wall of the American Film Institute's Fifty Greatest Villains of all time. Hmm. Epiphany realized.
Captain Jack Sparrow. Not quite a complete villain, yet possibly the greatest character to grace the screen. Humor, acting, presentation. Each quality deserves a bottle of rum to cheer him.

6. Favorite Adaptation. Another thinker. There are not many book-to-screen adaptations that captured my attention, let alone appeal. I'm going to go ahead and assume that they are asking of book adaptations, as opposed to play or otherwise. This question calls for an experienced answer, in that I had to have read the book and seen the movie. The DaVinci Code, for instance, can apply as an answer, though it was a lousy adaptation. I wonder.
Adored the film, as well as the novel. Each were unique in their own medium, which accounts for absolute talent in the craft of adaptation. It's not just copying the book onto Word.

7. Favorite Musical.

8. First R18 Film You Watched. I'm assuming that's "rated R" film.

9. Your Best Experience Going to the Movies. I'll just skip this one, since the majority of films I watch is in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

10. A Guilty Pleasure.
Sex and the City. A thousand times over, that's the guiltiest thing you can ever come across.

11. An Overrated Movie. There are plenty of those. If this question applied to this year's Oscar race, for instance, I would point to Les Miserables. It's an overblown confectionary of period-piece scenery and singing in substitute for speaking. Overall, however, I would have to say:
Casablanca. It's just not romantic or interesting. Quite dull, I'm afraid.

12. An Underrated Movie. Likewise, there are plenty. This year, once again, I would point to Ted, a hilarious film that was completely shunned from the casual elegance of the Golden Globes Comedy/Musical categories. If Bridesmaids and The Hangover can make it, why not Ted? However, the most underrated movie of all time, or better yet the one that comes to mind at this moment:
Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, an eerily mystifying psychological thriller...and complete ignorance from the awards circuit. Unacceptable snubbing that year, especially considering that The King's Speech won everything.

13. A Movie That Is Worse Than The Book.
Established earlier in this post, I believe.

The DaVinci Code. Established earlier in this post, I believe.

14. A Kid's Movie You Always Watch. Oh, I have watched more than a few kid movies in my day, and still do. This is a much broader question than one would suspect, for there are numerous Disney classics, including Pixar animated features, as well as delights by Dreamworks and even a Nickelodean or two. Plus, there are those live-action childish gems that I find myself giggling at when I'm alone at home. But the one that always grasps my attention in times of a craving for the innocent:
Colorfully absurd adaptation.
One of the first movies I've ever seen--sentimental value.

15. A Movie From Your Favorite Director That You Did Not Like. Recently, Django Unchained.
Even though Quentin Tarantino was not on my Top Five Directors list, he is a very respectable number six, so I expected much more from him.

16. A Film You're Expecting Excitedly.
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.
That was certainly eye-opening. I feel that I've defined myself that much more as an individual immersed in the realm of cinema. Anyway, I have nothing else to write, and my creativity has just reached its limit for the day. Perhaps a nap will ignite my urge and ability to write eloquently once more. Until that moment, enjoy what there is to offer.


  1. Well you certainly answered the questions posed rather promptly.

    I'm thrilled to see Michelle Pfeiffer listed amongst your five favourite actresses. Although as an avid reader of all your writing over the past couple of years, I'm still living in hope that you'll one day treat us to a feature length Pfeiffer article, in your own inimitable style.

    Go on throw me a bone!

    1. Her time is definitely to come. For a glorifying and well-deserved post honoring her achievements, that is. For the time being, I may settle on one of her films to watch for the evening. Don't hold me to any set-in-stone promises, but I shall grace Michelle Pfeiffer with the compliments she deserves!