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Golden Globe Predictions 2017

Good evening and welcome to another addition of movies and digressing on various tangents. This will not be a very long post, I've already come to peace with this conclusion. With the Golden Globes airing tomorrow night, I figured it would be nice for me to throw my hat in the ring. Not with a dark horse film nomination, obviously. Why would you even think that? The purpose of this post is as the title entails: I will share my predictions of who I think will win the Golden Globe for each film category. I will also include who I would like to win based on whether I've seen the movie or performance, obviously. Mostly based on how good a film or performance looks because, as of now, I have seen about four of the movies listed across all categories. Let us now jump right into this.

Best Motion Picture - Drama
Manchester by the Sea
Hell or High Water
Hacksaw Ridge

This category is practically a no-brainer. There are awards pundits who suggest that this is a race between Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight, but given the massive controversy at last year's Oscars, I'm going to have to go ahead and declare Moonlight's victory right now. Based on the high racial tensions spread throughout the country, giving this award to anyone but Moonlight would have murderous results. As if Hollywood is full of disenfranchised African-Americans, but I suppose that's neither here nor there. The only film I've seen in this category was Hell or High Water, which was an excellent film that may have had a chance in another year with less quotas. Ahem, pardon me, without such strong competition. Projected winner: Moonlight. Desired winner: Hell of High Water.

Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical
La La Land
20th Century Women
Sing Street
Florence Foster Jenkins

Not much to predict here, given the mass acclaim for La La Land, a film that is universally lauded as the greatest film of the year. (If you don't count Moonlight, of course.) La La Land is at the top of my list of films to watch this year in regards to awards season. Did I mention that this is my favorite time of the year? La La Land has such an old Hollywood feel about it, I absolutely love the premise of it. While many people believe this category to be a landslide victory for La La Land, I would not be surprised if the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) threw people a curveball and gave the award to Deadpool. This could be another Hangover situation where a crowd favorite takes home the Globe and stuns critics. We shall see. Projected winner and desired winner: La La Land.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama
Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea
Viggo Mortensen for Captain Fantastic
Denzel Washington for Fences
Joel Edgerton for Loving
Andrew Garfield for Hacksaw Ridge

Well well, Ben Affleck's little brother finds himself back in the awards circuit, this time in a leading performance in a film that seems totally uninteresting. Though it is one of the most acclaimed films of the year, both Manchester by the Sea and Casey Affleck's performance appear to be unimpressive. The film itself looks pretty boring, no sugarcoating it, but then again I have to see it before making any assumptions. That's never stopped me before, but hey it's a new year and a time for change. In any other year with no political overtures, I would say this award is a clinch for Casey Affleck. However, there indubitably are political overtures that could favor Denzel Washington. In my opinion, Denzel's performance, in the trailer at least for I have not seen Fences yet, looks much stronger than Casey's. Again, we shall see. Projected winner: Casey Affleck. Desired winner: Andrew Garfield, because I see potential in him as a young actor and hope he moves up in the movie world.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
Amy Adams for Arrival
Natalie Portman for Jackie
Jessica Chastain for Miss Sloane
Isabelle Huppert for Elle
Ruth Negga for Loving

I don't think there will be any surprises in this category. Natalie Portman has been the frontrunner not only for the Globe but also for the Oscar in recent weeks. Her turn as Jackie Kennedy, a mysterious figure who for some reason fascinates the American public, has been praised across the boards. Then again, with the past election results, perhaps the HFPA will throw another ridiculous curveball by awarding Chastain for her performance as some corrupt female political figure. Feminism is still needed according to everyone in Hollywood, but I still believe Natalie Portman has this in the bag. Whatever that saying means. Projected and desired winner: Natalie Portman.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical
Ryan Gosling for La La Land
Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool
Jonah Hill for War Dogs
Colin Farrell for The Lobster
Hugh Grant for Florence Foster Jenkins

First, may I just say that I am happy to see Hugh Grant return to the spotlight as well as be recognized for a film that I haven't seen yet but want to see. Welcome back, you sexy British gent you. Now this is a surprisingly tricky category. On one hand, La La Land is among the most nominated films of the year as well as the most praised film of the year. However, most of the praise regarding performances has gone to Emma Stone. That being said, this award is open season for the Hugh Grant and Ryan Reynolds. Should it go to Hugh Grant, I will be pleasantly pleased. (Redundant adjective-verb phrasing, it was intentional.) Ryan Reynolds has a strong chance in this category because Deadpool was adored not only by critics by general audiences as well. Once again, a potential Hangover stunner. Projected winner: Ryan Reynolds, a high stakes and controversial wager. Desired winner: Hugh Grant.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical
Emma Stone for La La Land
Annette Bening for 20th Century Women
Lily Colins for Rules Don't Apply
Meryl Streep for Florence Foster Jenkins
Hailee Steinfeld for The Edge of Seventeen

Here we arrive to the prospective darling of this year's awards season: Miss Emma Stone for her critically acclaimed role as an aspiring actress in Hollywood. A win for her would be such a beautiful ode to Hollywood tradition, a dedication to the ambitious hearts and souls that have roamed the streets of Hollywood for generations. Her win appears to be a certainty at this point, even up against the feminist performance of Annette Bening in the running. Again, this is an assumption based on the trailer. Sorry Meryl, but I'm going with lovely Emma on this one. Projected and desired winner: Emma Stone.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Mahershala Ali for Moonlight
Jeff Bridges for Hell or High Water
Dev Patel for Lion
Simon Helberg for Florence Foster Jenkins
Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Nocturnal Animals

This one is probably the most easily predicted out of all categories, excluding Best Drama. Mahershala Ali will be handed this award on a pedestal because of course he will. Awards pundits are wavering between him and Jeff Bridges, but let's be real. It is undoubtedly going to the Moonlight actor. Detecting a hint of animosity, are you? I haven't seen Moonlight yet, true, but I have a strong inkling that suggests it is nominated solely based on the topic. Especially after last year's scandal at the Oscars regarding diversity, it just seems highly serendipitous that this film receive this much acclaim. Again, I have not seen the film, and I will gladly (albeit sorely) admit if I am wrong and that Moonlight is the greatest film of all time. Nevertheless, however, it is nominated and praised for the reason I suggested before. Projected winner: Mahershala Ali. Desired winner: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, I suppose because the film looks great. I genuinely do not care about this category.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Octavia Spencer for Hidden Figures
Viola Davis for Fences
Naomie Harris for Moonlight
Michelle Williams for Manchester by the Sea
Nicole Kidman for Lion

You can just discard thoughts for Michelle Williams and Nicole Kidman to win because that is definitely not happening. I personally don't care for either of them, though I used to like Nicole Kidman before she started looking as though she's wearing a rubber mask of herself. Her talent has dwindled over the years as well, I'm not that shallow. In the three-way race between the other ladies, pundits have been divided over who will win. It seems to be mainly between Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis, who both starred in The Help back in 2011. Based on the amount of emotion and slobbering-crying Viola Davis exhibits in Fences, from what I've seen in clips and trailers, I think the Globe is going to go to her. That is all. Projected winner: Viola Davis. Desired winner: Octavia Spencer.

Best Director - Motion Picture
Damien Chazelle for La La Land
Tom Ford for Nocturnal Animals
Barry Jenkins for Moonlight
Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester by the Sea
Mel Gibson for Hacksaw Ridge

This will be quick. The award appears to be in favor of Damien Chazelle for his work on the cinematically aesthetic La La Land, and I have no objection. His previous film, Whiplash, was surprisingly exceptional in style and direction, so god speed Chazelle. However I'd like to take a moment and acknowledge Mel Gibson's nomination. I am beyond thrilled that he has returned to the spotlight of Hollywood, and from what I have seen he has been greeted with open arms. This welcoming embrace of the talented Mel Gibson is quite a drastic flip from his former banishment from Hollywood after some drunken and taboo behavior. I am so incredibly pleased to have him back in the stratosphere of movies, and I hope he graces our presence more often from here on. Projected winner: Damien Chazelle. Desired winner: Mel Gibson.
Welcome back, Mel.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully I will return with Oscar predictions, or just a general awards post or two in the foreseeable future. Then again, I will be employed at Walt Disney World at the time, so it all depends on how much free time I will have. Before I end this, I'd like to give a public service announcement regarding my tone and my phrasing. In other words, what I say and how I say it. I will no longer be afraid of expressing my opinion. I will not be harsh in conveying my ideas, I will remain as respectful and objective as I can, but I will not censor myself. To be fearful on the Internet and in everyday life is utterly preposterous and I will not bow down to the feet of political correctness and the leftist agenda. My opinion. My blog. Condemn me for what you like. I know who I am and what I believe deep down. It's not as if anyone reads this anyway though, right? Backpedaling from that pseudo-political stance, I will bid you all good night and a happy awards season. Cheers and sweet dreams, dearies.

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