Sunday, August 5, 2012

An Unexpected Treat

Though this was completely out of the blue, I have received this award before, from the same person too, so I'm not that dazzled. Of course, I am aware of my extraordinary talent for writing. I think we can all agree that I am gifted with such a skill, right? All right, enough of this humorous conceit: let's get down to business. (I apologize, in advance, if this post is not as beautifully written as usual. I wasn't expecting to write anything, let alone be honored with a blog award, so be patient.) Along with being nominated for this award, I am granted with a series of tasks I must carry out, which I will do in the following post. Here is my list of instructions, which may or may not be required to win the award:

1. Write eleven things about myself.
2. Answer the eleven questions the person who nominated me asked.
3. Create eleven questions of my own to ask the individuals I will be nominating.
4. Choose those lucky eleven individuals, and inform them of my nominating them.
5. And the one rule is that I cannot nominate the person who nominated me. Apparently, that would be cheating.

Here we go. Eleven things about me:

1. I despise flying creatures, particularly insects. Whenever I hear the buzzing of a fly, trapped in my room, I am immediately alert and on a mission to murder that creature.
2. I am accused of having an eating disorder because I burn more calories than I consume. This is called a weight-loss plan, and it is perfectly healthy and even encouraged.
3. I may possibly have a minor over-compulsive disorder. For example, I cannot just sit and eat a meal, for I must carry out a uniform routine of "habits", such as evening my couch cushions and adjusting my necklace seven times. Whatever I do, it must always repeat for an odd number of times, mostly three or seven cycles. Strange, indeed. At times, it can be increasingly frustrating. Now, this may be a tad unhealthy, as it increases stress levels.
4. I am ashamed to admit that I do not especially enjoy playing with my little three-year-old brother. Even when I am doing absolutely nothing of interest, I simply cringe at the sound of him calling for me. Honestly, I wish I wouldn't be this way. Yet another flaw triggered by stress, perhaps.
5. There are times when I am annoyed by my friends. I hear that's common, and it is just awful.
6. Remember that episode of Friends where each character made a list of five celebrities they would sleep with? Well, my list is as followed, in no order: Michael Fassbender, Jason Sudeikis, Jean Dujardin, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ian Harding. (I would have included Andrew Garfield, but he and Emma Stone are far too adorable to interfere with.)

He would be the name you didn't recognize.
Ian Harding from Pretty Little Liars

7. I find myself intolerable of a wide variety of actors and actresses, in addition to my real-life fare of disliked folk out there. (They know who they are, I'm sure. I can be quite bitter when provoked.) Some of those better-known people are: Andie McDowell, Robin Williams, Daryl Hannah, Russell Brand, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeff Bridges, Michelle Williams.... I've decided to stop there, since I've included two actors with the last name Williams. Some of these may be a shock to you because they are so worldly beloved, but nevertheless, I cannot stand them. However, that statement oftentimes makes watching their films enjoyable based on the irresistible Sex and the City-factor.
8. I am very indecisive in certain situations, and therefore very easy to manipulate. This is probably my worst quality, as it causes me to have an abundance of regrets. Especially terrible in romance dilemmas.
9. Out of all the characters within the entertainment sector, my mother has compared me to Carrie Bradshaw, the one character I abhor more than anyone on television. Would you agree with such a baffling statement? I am curious, would you agree?
10. I love watching movies on cable. In fact, I prefer it to watching a DVD of that movie. It's just the thrill of catching a great film on the dot of its beginning, it's such a delight.
11. When I'm alone, I find myself living life as a movie. In this movie, I am nominated for Best Actress, and, when I'm standing in front of a mirror, I make an Oscar acceptance speech. How foolish.

Next, the questions I shall answer, asked by Ruth of "....let's be splendid about this...":

What is the first film you remember watching?
To be honest, I have no idea. According to my mom, it was The Piglet Movie, but I can't recall a bit of that. I suppose the earliest I can remember would have to be...Rat Race.

If you could pick one film composer to score your life, who would it be?
Danny Elfman. He's so cheery and quirky, especially for Desperate Housewives.

On that note, how much of your music library contains film scores/soundtracks?
About one-sixth, none of which is scored by Danny Elfman.

Do you have a prized film poster on your wall?
Yes. Pulp Fiction.

Film (as in 35 mm etc.) or digital?
Film because it alludes to the Golden Age of cinema, with Billy Wilder and true classics.

Favourite foreign language film?
La Grande Vadrouille, starring Louis de Funes.

Not including 'director' if you could have any type of role in creating a film, what would you like to do?
If I'm passionate about the film, a producer. They're so respected and really do nothing. I would write, but I fear criticism, especially from prestigious figures. (Unless this is an indie of some sort? Then nothing at all.)

Desert Island Flicks - pick 5. Go!
There aren't many to choose from. I guess Six Days Seven Nights and Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you could only choose to watch either dramas, or comedy films for the rest of your life (and this includes black comedies), which would you choose?
Comedies because I enjoy laughter. Plus, a bad comedy is better than a bad drama.

Favourite animated feature (or short, if you like)?
Very challenging choice to make here. I would have to say...Shrek. As much as I adore Pixar films, this first-ever Oscar winning 'toon really shines from the rest.

First film festival you ever attended (or wish to attend. I've only gone to my first this year).
I wish to attend the Golden Globes because it's so much more laid-back than the Oscars, and seemingly more fun. Of course, it depends on who's hosting.

Now, my questions:

1. Who is your favorite under-appreciated actor (in your opinion of who is under-appreciated)?
2. Which do you prefer: classics (before 1970) or modern (twenty-first century)?
3. Least favorite actor and why?
4. Have you ever taken notes during a film, for your blog or personal purposes?
5. Are you one of those people who like to discuss the film as you are watching it?
6. In your opinion, what is the worst Best Picture winner, and who do you think should have gotten the award that year? (For example, Dances with Wolves is the worst, Goodfellas should have won.)
7. Most overrated film of all-time?
8. Do you prefer watching movies with someone or alone?
9. Do you go to the movies when you're on vacation?
10. Most talented actress who is also beautiful (in your opinion)?
11. Would you begin to dislike an actor you once loved because of a movie they were in?

Well, now we reach the end of this odd, unusual post. I must choose eleven people to nominate for this very award. Here they are:

Larry at themoviesnob
George at CineMarvellous!

I've decided to nominate only seven individuals. Have a wonderful day.

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