Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Great Escape

Long time, no see. It's been a while, huh? How about this weather? Some heat. I just returned from an impromptu vacation on account of that nasty storm that struck the East Coast last week. East Coast is capitalized, right? It is a location after all. Anyway, about that storm. On the night of last Friday, a torrential thunderstorm hit my little town of Nowhere, bringing shocking destruction that has never been anticipated. Trees littered the streets, houses were damaged, and lives were disturbed. Mainly because of the massive power outage that lasted for nearly two weeks throughout the city. As I've said just moments ago, I was abducted by my anxious mother, who made the decision to pack her entire family (plus me) and head someplace else. Where did she choose to escape to? Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Amish Country. I'll wait for the irony to settle. Overall, this emergency trip was adequate, considering the circumstances, though I really do wish it never had to happen. Aside from the inevitable irritation I endured from my mother's ever-obnoxious husband and the scalding heat, I made a few errors of judgement during my time there. One event in particular threw me into a depression, and, yes, it had to do with alcohol. I've got to stop doing that. Despite that appalling mistake, which I will not share, I was proud of myself for utilizing my hotel's fitness center. How driven am I! My mother was dreadfully affected by the heat, in her pre-menopausal stage in life, particularly with "the help". In the entire time we were there, she snapped at more than a few employees, whether they be forgetful waitresses, immigrant maids, or impatient hotel clerks. The latter was the most scandalous scene to take place, which, according to my mother who tends to exaggerate often, had to do with her getting a credit card stuck in a vending machine. The specifics are inconsequential. All that matters is that my mother is still trying to get the hotel clerk fired for her rudeness. Heat can transform the most passive people into raging lunatics. (No, my mother is not a lunatic, she's just very over-emotional.) I just let out a deep breath, which signifies the end of this tedious tale.

I found this amusing.

Overall, this was quite an experience, for me and everyone else who finds sudden natural disasters alarming. The entire week felt so surreal, as if this were the beginning of a new era. Actually, that would be one of the many explanations for the 2012-frenzy. Furthermore, many people viewed this severe storm as one of the initial signs for the apocalypse, or the rapture, or whatever they call it. Which brings me to my topic of the day: religion. Such a touchy subject, isn't it? It makes the issue of race seem like a daily inconvenience, like rude service at a restaurant. As I mentioned before, my mother's husband was the primary source of aggravation throughout this whole trip, mainly having to do with his being a so-called religious fanatic. (Please note that he is merely a pseudo-religious fanatic, as he has never understood the concept of the Bible because, well, he's more than a tad doltish. But that's besides the point. If there is a point.) Throughout this little adventure, especially in such a religious atmosphere, he has been going on about how it's a blessing we survived and we should be thankful for God and Jesus, yada yada yada. Another thing he mentioned, which really disturbed me in a way of disgust rather than fear, was basically this: "This is a sign that the Rapture has begun everyone. Let us pray." And he said this in such a "I told you so" manner, as if he were thrilled that this was happening! I never understood why Christians were so vehement in their declaration that the world would come to an end, and that those who choose not to believe in what they believe will perish in flaming pits of fire. Of course, they would be saved by God, or Jesus depending on which term they used less in their rants. I guess that's why he's so happy? (Though I highly doubt he would go to Heaven, should there be one, because he did abandon his first child and have sex before marriage. That's too gosh darn bad.) What really put a twist in my panties was the fact that my ten-year-old brother is brain-washed by all this Rapture nonsense, that he actually has a screensaver saying "Are you ready for the Rapture?" It just frightens me to think that he truly believes in this, so much so that when I rejected it, he burst into tears. Religion is being with God and the Bible and all that spiritually. Believe, but don't take things literally. I am agnostic because religion, to me, is just ridiculous.

Oh, I'm not anti-religion, I just find it all very silly. Why, just now, I watched Religulous, an excellent documentary by Bill Maher which satirizes most religions. And the most important thing to remember about that documentary is that he is stating the facts of religion and mocking it. One might find that wrong or mean, but it's not that hard. I won't get too in-depth into this because, as I said, it's a delicate issue. I say "issue" because it is the root of so many conflicts and countless debates which continue to no end. For now, let's just allow the world to spin round and for life to carry on for years to come. Enjoy life while it lasts because it will end for each individual person on completely uncertain day. As for myself, I'm going to watch Desperate Housewives with the accompaniment of a nice, cool margarita. Seriously, I've got to stop.

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