Monday, October 10, 2011

A Frustrated Sigh

Before my mind goes completely blank and I start rubbing my head for inspiration, I just want to make a quick comment on television shows. (Too late.) I'll just get to the point without making an insightful, attention-grabbing introduction. What's wrong with television? Actually, nothing. Television is simply the output for the so-called original ideas of TV writers. The question should be, what has happened to the brilliant writers of television? Also, what has gotten into TV executives, who actually put these new shows on the air? Really!

I recently skimmed over fall-TV's new line-up, half of which (or even more), are already rumored to face the dismal ax of being cancelled. Some of those shows include The Playboy Club, Charlie's Angels, Whitney, Free Agents, and much much more. I've never seen Playboy, but, despite the stylish setting of the 1960s, I am not hopeful for its remaining days. (It's been announced, according to Entertainment Weekly, that it will not be picked up any longer.) Charlie's Angels, the obviously titled reboot of the classic 1970s series, was destined for failure to begin with. How can they recreate such a popular show, that serves as a small-screen icon in our new generation? I mean, really, are they that naively optimistic? Moving on, I was actually looking forward to Whitney. After seeing a couple of clips from the excitement quickly faltered. More like vanished. Free Agents was less than decent, being totally predictable and definitely not a necessity to watch.

There are plenty of others (not) worth mentioning that will surely receive the cut. There are, also, some which I believe should be put off the air, immediately, but most likely will not. The show I'm referring to in particular is Two And A Half Men. After killing its lead character (Charlie Sheen, all because of some financial dispute), the show returns with Ashton Kutcher replacing him. I didn't really care for this show before, and its plain humor and excessive laughs from the audience, but now it's past the line of unbearable. I genuinely do not know how people can watch that show! Not to offend anyone, but are they so simple-minded that they find entertainment in a show that's comparable to Nickelodeon or Disney Channel? Are they possibly confused and simply laugh when the audience laughs (which is every five seconds)? The show stands as one of the most popular shows on television, and, after trying to watch it several times, cannot find a single reason why that is. Seriously, the source of laughter is so mind-numbingly simple. Don't get me wrong, sometimes simple humor is the easiest and quickest way to a tiny bit of enjoyment. But this show, is just painful. My Opinion.

Of course, there are some that are truly entertaining and, dare I say, brilliant. The highlight of this rare grouping, that is currently airing its delightful third season: Modern Family. With its hilarious story lines each episode and its equally hilarious cast, this show hit a mark. I can safely and honestly deem it as the best show of the decade, being 2010s. Weird that we're already in another decade. So weird. Anyway, Modern Family, recently winning basically all the TV Comedy Emmys, is the one show I turn the television on an hour before it airs every Wednesday. Comparable to the unfortunately cancelled and equally brilliant Arrested Development, it dives deep into the ordinary life of families and picks out the moments that are "so true!" and so comically relateable. Plus, it is soothing to watch a show without the interruption of studio audience laughter.

I would also like to add that Desperate Housewives is airing its eighth and final season. I won't go into too much criticism because I am currently writing a huge post on the entire run of the show. It's a big one, and will be posted very soon. I just want to make a brief comment on this new season. Like its previous two seasons, this eighth season is utterly awful, relying on cliched jokes (worse than cliched, they're the cliche of cliched...if that makes doesn't, I read it) and a so-called engrossing mystery. That whole murder of Gabby's rapist step-father, and the guilt that Susan and Carlos are pointlessly living with, is so irritating. Yet, like the Sex and the City movies, it's pleasurable torture, so I linger on with the show.

To sum it all up, this fall-TV schedule, except for a few shows, sucks. No need to put that short comment into a descriptive, long paragraph, am I right?

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