Monday, November 7, 2016

The Presidential Drinking Game

Greetings one and all. Pardon the title, there will be no drinking game included in this post. It just seems like a fitting title for this circus of an election. I want to preface this by stating that I really prefer not to get political. I know I write myself into a corner at times where I cannot help but share my political tendencies. I know that these tendencies deviate from popular thought, how against political correctness I declare to be. Well, I won't really delve into unconventional thought. Instead, I have decided to put my two cents into this spectacle known as the 2016 Presidential Election. This is an election movies can only dream about. That being said, I hope with the utmost of expectations that Hollywood adapts the ridicules and media frenzy that has surrounded this election since the summer of last year into a feature film. A comedy would be most suitable I reckon. The Republican debates alone are worthy of a chunky segment of runtime. Never have I witnessed such an absurd display of so-called politics. Especially recently, politics have been thrown out the window only to be replaced with tabloid journalism. Rather than deliberate on why they are a good fit for president, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have spent time denouncing one another. Essentially, this election is more of a "Don't Vote For The Other One" campaign.
We have gotten to a point where citizens are choosing candidates in spite of the other candidate. People are voting for Clinton because they do not want Trump, and people are voting for Trump because they do not want Clinton. Granted, there are individuals out there who are die-hard supporters of one or the other. Personally, I fall in the category of indifferent, meaning that I recognize the ineligibility of both candidates. Fortunately, I am not registered so I can't really trouble myself too much about the election results. We all know Hillary is going to win, right? Can we just make that declarative assumption and give up now? What is flabbergasting to me is how Clinton clinched the election. Not the fact that Trump wants Mexico to pay for a concrete wall across the U.S.-Mexico border. Not the fact that Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering the United States. No, the reason Trump has fallen from the good graces he had on a thin thread was the illicit recording known colloquially as "locker room talk." It is absolutely astounding that something like this can annihilate a candidate's chances for presidency. I am aware that the majority of people believe this recording is anything but trivial, however I have to ask who the hell cares? I understand the sensitivity of this topic of sexual assault; however, the recording does not indicate that Trump physically attacked a woman. Yes, grabbing women by the pussy is a crude and disgusting comment. Forgive me for my belief that Bill Clinton most likely spoke in those terms as well. In addition to actually assaulting women sexually, but that was in the past everybody it's irrelevant. Unless Donald Trump said it. This was a recording taken over ten years ago. People will argue that it is still a determinant of character. I will counter-argue by noting Hillary's smug and dismissive remarks towards rape victims and how cavalier she was about helping rapists get away with the crime. People defend Hillary's honor by saying that was in the past. Pause. Then why does it matter what Trump said about some married woman ten years ago? I consider Hillary's uncaring comments toward rape victims far more incriminating than Trump's sex drive. If Hillary can change, then Trump should be given the same benefit of the doubt. By now you may be questioning my political indifference to this election. True, I dislike Hillary more than I dislike Trump. That is not to say that I like Trump. I believe he is politically unqualified to be President of the United States. He is still that wealthy entrepreneur who wants everyone to like him. He is desperate to be accepted beyond his level of prosperity, and this quality will prove to be humiliating in a president of such a prominent country. That being said, with the "Don't Vote For The Other One" campaign, I would vote for Trump over Hillary if I had a gun to my head. Why? Because I do not like Hillary. This is personal. Much like the dislike for Donald Trump is personal among the majority of supposedly informed individuals. Hillary Clinton is an untrustworthy, manipulative snake who has twisted the system to benefit herself. Not the American people, herself. The fact that the media is making light of her various indiscretions and scandals is infuriating. I realize that the media has been pro-Hillary from the get-go, as was the Democratic National Committee it turns out, but it seems unpatriotic to be so uneven with this election. Finding one pro-Trump article is near-impossible, as is finding one anti-Clinton article. If an article tries to be anti-Clinton, it is a pathetic and obligatory attempt to feign objectivity. As of yesterday, the FBI has ceased all investigations into Hillary's emails. How convenient, given that the election is tomorrow. It is especially frustrating to me that, when asked about the emails, Hillary immediately blames Russian hackers and Russia's attempt to sway the election in Trump's favor. The idea that Russia is this evil empire out to destroy the United States is a paranoid sentiment that is reminiscent of the Red Scare craze. The emails distributed by WikiLeaks have also been credited to Russian hackers, which is ludicrous considering that Julian Assange has no ties to Russia. Oh, of course, he must have used Russian servers to release these emails. Got it. Regardless of who leaked the emails, shouldn't we be focusing on the content of these emails? When Hillary is asked questions about these emails, she deliberately avoids explaining herself and the media lets her get away with it. Sure, she expresses "sincere" regret over the incident(s), but forgive me for having my doubts that Clinton has turned over a new leaf. If given the opportunity, she will commit a similar act of negligence if it entails advancing her political career. As if she can move any higher up the food chain. All this anti-Clinton rhetoric seems driven by conspiracy theories, I am aware, but such language appears to be necessary when searching for the truth. Again, conspiracy-esque. What bothers me is that Hillary refuses to divulge relevant information regarding her political behavior, a right that is due to the American people voting in this election. What bothers me is the rampant amount of double standards present in this election. People demand that Trump release his tax forms and elaborate on sexual assault accusations, yet Hillary is given a free pass when it comes to suspicious emails and a history of political debacles. Down below, I will link a video explaining the discrepancies in Clinton's career more thoroughly. Down below in the comments, you may feel free to call be a Trump supporter or conspiracy theorist because such name-calling will not bother me, for I know that I am not either of those. Well, maybe the conspiracy theorist, but at least I can function in society. Sort of.
Anyway, I think that's enough political ranting. I would like to reiterate my lack of a political position. My only declaration is that I do not like Hillary and that I do not like the unevenness of media coverage on these two candidates. Donald Trump is a caricature of sorts who is desperate to affirm his self-proclaimed greatness. Hillary Clinton is a politician who abuses the system to benefit herself and she never fails to smile when she has done just that. Again, I hope a movie is made about this election, preferably directed by Jay Roach after his excellent work with Game Change. I cannot help but wonder what would have happened if Bernie Sanders earned the nomination instead of Hillary Clinton. For one thing, I would have registered to vote and put my ballot in for Bernie. In Michael Moore's documentary Capitalism: A Love Story, Bernie Sanders said that this country needs to readjust its priorities from worshipping greed to serving the majority of people in the United States. He represents an ideal that may not become reality in this political environment, though I am still drawn to supporting him over the clown and the two-faced generic politician.
I hope you enjoyed this amateur analysis of the 2016 Election. I urge you to vote for whoever you damn well please to vote for, or to bow out of this lunacy and just watch the world burn. Have a wonderful apocalypse.

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