Sunday, August 29, 2010

Star Wars Mega-Blog: Coming Soon!

Yes! You read the title right! In a few days/weeks, I'll be writing a mega-blog on the most famous saga ever to grace the screen. From start to finish, prequels and all! With prequels, it would take a tad longer, but either way, it will be written. I apologize for writing absolutely nothing for a month! All those movies I promised won't be receiving my criticism...not yet anyway, for who knows if I'll re-watch some of them. I'm thrilled to say that horrid illness has left the building! And it was never there, actually; just strep throat. Never trust "specialists", stick to your regular physician! Anyway, for this ultra-special mega-blog, I won't be releasing them in parts; they will all appear at once in one huge extravaganza! (I really think highly of my work, don't I?)
So long for now!

P.S. I'll be starting high school soon, so my blogging won't be as often. You'll only expect my usual weekly reviews, which will arrive on weekends. Wish me luck in all my endeavors! :D