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The Year That Was... 2016

Greetings one and all. There seems to be a consensus that 2016 was an enormously shitty year, an idea that started trending after the death of David Bowie in January. Personally, I thought 2016 was just like any other year. While the election consumed most topics of discussion and serves as a pretty monumental event, my life was essentially business as usual. In fact, I would say that 2016 was an above average year for me. Also, the fact that so many people hated this year, releasing memes upon memes to flesh out their dissatisfaction with 2016, makes me like this year even more. Because I'm a cunt who feeds off the whininess of my fellow humans. I often use the word cunt in my everyday speak, so no apologies if that offends anyone. I'm not here to caress your precious feelings. As before, I will list the events that impacted me most this year along with a paragraph or so of description. Enjoy.

1. Trump. Well well well. Isn't this the massive shock nearly everyone didn't think would happen? That is to say, this election victory was a big fucking surprise. If you are prone to being triggered or easily offended, please refrain from reading this segment. I am almost positive you will not like what I have to say, and I know how huffy and puffy certain people can get when reading an opinion they vehemently disagree with. And if you are a friend reading this and disagree with what I have to say,  please let's not allow politics to invade the sanctity of our friendship. True, what I have to say is shockingly anti-liberal and I stress my points rather aggressively, but I personally believe political opinions should have no place in friendships. Let's just stick to talking about sex and drinking copious amounts of alcohol shall we? Disclaimer over. Back to the meat of it. Trump actually won. As unprecedented as this result was for most people, it has happened. In all honesty, part of me is rather elated that Trump won. Why, you may ask, as you spit out water in comical shock? Because that means Hillary actually lost.

Now, I realize this tone I'm taking is drastically different than the sober, indifferent tone of the previous post I wrote right before the election. Back there, I experienced the fear of being ostracized for my soft take on Trump. Across the boards, so-called analysts and mass media conglomerates predicted the landslide win of Hillary Clinton. The fact that Trump miraculously defeated the she-heathen is astounding, it really is. I woke up the next morning with the definitive result of Trump's win on various news outlets, and the feeling I had was one of odd amusement. By that, I mean that I was not completely crushed by this win as many undoubtedly were. My friends were among the crestfallen individuals who mourned the victory of Trump. Personally, I had a general sentiment that can be summed up like, "Huh, Trump won. How about that." Even now, as protests unfold across cities that voted democrat, I feel unfazed by the future that is President Trump. Though I will say I am rather enjoying the hysterical backlash of the neoliberal regressive left. Their reactions to the election are laughable when you realize that they carried Trump into office.
The "silent majority" of this country grew sick of identity politics and PC thought policing, and the media only justified their support for a man whose platform defied political correctness. As for the electoral college v. popular vote debacle, I really cannot wrap my head around the discrepancy between the totals. If this were truly a democracy, where the people vote for their president, wouldn't the popular vote count for something? What is the point of having American citizens vote for their president if, ultimately, a group of electors make the decision? No wonder Hillary supporters are calling for the college's extinction. Then again, I cannot help but wonder what would happen if the situation was reversed. If Trump got the popular vote and Hillary won the electoral college, would there even be a fuss over the college's efficacy? Somehow I highly doubt it. Moving on. As of December 19, the election results are final: Trump is our president. However, there is still an overwhelming sense of denial among the masses who are anti-Trump. Beyond that, Clinton herself challenged the democratic system by suggesting a recount. And, to top it all off, let us all blame those goddamn Russians for hacking into our precious democratic election. Because America is clearly a third-world country that could easily be hacked into, right? As for the allegations that Russian hackers released those incriminating DNC emails, I cannot help but wonder why people do not focus on the contents of the emails rather than the source of so-called hacking... I did not mean to get this in-depth into politics, Jesus. That was me taking the Lord's name in vain, not addressing someone named Jesus. I'll wrap this up now. To me, Trump winning the election was like an underdog film winning Best Picture at the Oscars. Me and my movie references, I always have to sneak them in. Of course, the United States election is far more significant than the Oscars, objectively speaking anyway. My overall sentiment about future president Donald Trump is as follows: I am optimistic, particularly for improved relations between Russia and the United States. For those who are genuinely afraid of a country led by Trump, relax. Despite what the media propagates, Trump is not Hitler. He will not institute genocide of any sort because this is the twenty-first century and Trump has never promoted that. Rather than suffer from "literally shaking," take a deep breath and be hopeful that Trump will not be that bad. Keep in mind that he is not a dictator, that he has to go through Congress to pass bills and issue policies. Try to be optimistic, as incredibly difficult as that may seem, because this onslaught of protesting just produces resentment and anger. Those who are upset with the results, above all, should understand that now is a time to remain calm and keep peace in mind. What a sappy shift that was. Anyway, please feel free to call me a Nazi, an alt-righter, or a racistsexistbigotmisogynistantiwoman-type slur. Free speech and all that.

2. Dexter. Moving on to brighter pastures, we come to a show I now consider my all-time favorite show of all time. The second all time was redundant, it sure was. A while back, I discussed my intense admiration for this magnificent piece of television in a condensed paragraph. Moreover, I promised that I would write out a thorough, season-by-season analysis of the show (similar to my Desperate Housewives post) once I rewatch it in the near future. How likely it is that post will come to fruition is uncertain, as I am incredibly flaky when it comes to writing here. It's not like I'm especially busy either. Anyway. Dexter Morgan is a mesmerizing character with essentially one flaw: he has an urge to kill people. Fortunately, he is taught a code of ethics, known throughout the show as The Code no way, by his adoptive father where he only kills bad people. Dexter is a hero in television because he cleanses society of people far more horrible than himself. I mean, really, Dexter Morgan is a sweetheart minus his bloodlust. While he considers himself a danger to those he loves, I believe that he deserves happiness and that he would never truly harm his loved ones. What, Debra? That was hardly Dexter's fault, she chose to stand by him as he tends to his victims. Spoilers all over the place. That should have been expected. To wrap this segment up, I'll use a quote from my previous post expressing adoration for Dexter because this is a retrospective post after all: "In a word, Dexter is a masterpiece. I find myself tearing up just thinking about how incredible the show is in its entirety." That was a short quote. Again, I hope to write a post dedicated to Dexter. Of course, that precious hope means nothing considering my once-a-month track record. Nevertheless, here's hoping that I do indeed write a Dexter analysis and prove myself wrong. 2017 resolution #1.

3. First Celebrity Meet-and-Greet. Back to exciting material from the year! Back in June, I attended the Wizard World convention in Philadelphia, which is basically Philly's Comic-Con. This was a momentous gathering of nerds, for there were several famous actors in attendance including, drum roll please: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Mackie, Dominic Cooper, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, James Remar (he played Dexter's dad, fun fact), and Stanley Tucci. That last name may sound familiar. Cue facetiousness. Of course you know Stanley Tucci. What makes him such a special guest at this event is that I met this man face to face. Not only did I receive his autograph with a special message written just for me (it said "Best Wishes," he only wrote it on mine I'm sure of it), but I was honored to take a picture with Stanley Tucci. I feel like my grammar is all over the place and I apologize. I guess I'm still excited over the fact that I met Stanley Tucci. I keep repeating his name, too. Still can't believe it, in all honesty. One would think that a girl my age would be more excited over Captain America or Thor or Loki, but nope. I was enthused over Nigel from Devil Wears Prada. To end this segment full of sentence disorganization, I'll include one of the pictures as proof that I indeed met Stanley Tucci. It's not photoshopped either. Apologies for the cropping.

4. A Tragic In Memoriam. Not to say that all other in memoriam compilations are not tragic. I emphasize the devastating nature of this year's death toll of famous figures because it truly was one unlike any in recent memory. Every month this year, it seemed that we lost a notable person whose accomplishments precede their undeniable greatness. It's honestly difficult for me to write anything about this topic because it is incredibly sad. As a placeholder for a paragraph of inflated language and potentially embarrassing rhetoric on my part, I'll include a brief video showing the prominent individuals we lost in 2016. Rest in peace, each one of you.
["2016 Celebrity deaths: Remembering famous names lost this year," by MLive]

5. Graduated from (community) College. Not much to say, nor is there anything I want to say about this "accomplishment." To be fair, graduating from any college, even one of the community variety, is a victory of sorts. I now possess an associate's degree that opens me up to a myriad of job opportunities. Like McDonald's. In all seriousness, I am relieved to be done and excited for the future, which involves transferring to a real four-year university. But first...

6. Disney College Program. On January 20, 2017, I will embark on a journey that I was destined to take. Months after receiving that momentous acceptance email, I am still in shock over the fact that I will be a part of the Disney College Program. I will be working at the Most Magical Place on Earth, and yes I wrote that with caps because that is how genuine my belief in the magic of Disney World is. I sound like a naive child when I talk about anything Disney related because that is how sincere my passion for Disney is. Working there is a desire that has been festering within me since the moment I first laid eyes on Cinderella Castle. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I discovered the Disney College Program and began striving towards that. For me, the Disney College Program is the first stepping stone on a career path that leads me higher up in the Disney hierarchy of magic making. Yes, magic making. I genuinely want to create magical experiences for guests, just as cast members have done for me every time I visited the wonderful world of Disney. In just twenty days, I will be departing for Walt Disney World on a road trip with one of my best friends; then on January 23, it begins. My Disney adventure will commence, and I am positive that I will be the happiest I've ever been, that I will discover a world where I truly belong.

Once again, I have been horrendous with my posting consistency. That's an annoying way of saying that I haven't been posting as often as I'd like. I know I repeatedly express how I wish I would post more. One would think that if I truly wanted to write more, I would sit down and fucking will myself to write. I curse for emphasis, you know this and I know this. After writing this all out, I realize how much of a contrast there is between the first and last segment of this retrospective. Let me be clear. My political views, and I would hardly call them views, in no way affect my enthusiasm and genuine delight for Disney and the Walt Disney Company. My personal opinions are separate from my ability and motivation to work for this magical company. I hope that didn't even require clarification. Then again, who the hell bothers to read the drivel I dish out once a month, if that? Anyway, enough with the toxic negativity. This marks the end of what has been for many a shitty year, which is good news, though I hope there was some light in your 2016. Here's hoping that 2017 will be far better on all counts. Cheers to you all and happy new year. See ya real soon!

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