Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Completely Unexpected Treat

I hesitate in placing an explanation point in the title, yet, alas, I don't do that. You know my punctuation rule. But do not diminish the excitement of the upcoming announcement, for this is an utter sensation. From the moment I was enlightened of this, I was beaming uncontrollably, to the mocking judgement of others. When I finally declare what I intend to declare, it won't exactly be "breaking news" or even shocking if you've come to terms with it. Here it is: Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, has been announced as this year's host of the 85th Annual Academy Awards. If you are not already aware, this is fantastic information. For me, at least. It has been a few days since this announcement has been made, and already people are making being negative about it. The Parents Television Council, naturally, is advocating against Seth MacFarlane as the Oscar host, for reasons they have stated before speaking against his phenomenal television shows. According to this loathsome organization, Seth MacFarlane has produced obscene content in many of his shows, and should not be allowed to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Johnny Carson and Bob Hope. Not to disrespect these relics of pop culture (I am not familiar with their work, honestly), but this is a vastly different era of entertainment. Surely, the likes of Chris Rock and Jon Stewart do not meet up with the revered expectations of the two late greats (again, I cannot capitalize "greats" because I am not intimate with their work). Furthermore, Seth MacFarlane is not the vile, inappropriate scoundrel that this self-righteous Council claims him to be. While his jokes on Family Guy are a bit over-the-edge (and that is an understatement), they are funny comments on society nonetheless. He should not be punished for creating a hilarious comedy. Not to sound annoyingly patriotic, but what happened to the first amendment? I guess freedom of speech has its limits, is that right? Freedom is not even the issue here, it's the fact that Seth MacFarlane is being criticized for how he represents humor in the show. Basically what I am "preaching" is that Seth MacFarlane is a funny guy who knows his limits, and admirably goes beyond those limits purposely to point out the many flaws in our society. (I do not question whether I am making sense now. Even that sentence is up for speculation as to what it means. Same for that one.) Apparently, the Academy finds his humor, as well as the way he presents himself in public, as tolerably satisfying; he would not have been chosen if he were the indecent miscreant that many high-and-mighty associations deem him to be. I'd like to include a comment made by Seth MacFarlene himself, in regard of the animadversion against him: "They're [the Parents Television Council] literally terrible human beings. I've read their newsletter, I've visited their website, and they're just rotten to the core. For an organization that prides itself on Christian values--I mean, I'm an atheist, so what do I know?--they spend their entire day hating people." Excellently put, Mr. MacFarlane. (Source: Inside TV, Entertainment Weekly website.)

Disregarding the controversy against him, the news of Seth MacFarlane hosting next year's Academy Awards is one of absolute joy. And I do admit that he is an odd choice for such a prestigious role in the film industry's most valued evening of the year, especially for someone who has never even presented an award at this very occasion. Nevertheless, I am exuberantly thrilled for the Academy's decision. This is a choice that is sure to attract a massive audience come Oscar night, a goal the Academy has been striving for ever since that flop of an evening with James Franco and Anne Hathaway. What better way to attain millions of viewers than to have a host many of the younger demographic (I, alone, am an example) will be pleased to see? Also, for the older groups, they will definitely be curious in how Seth MacFarlane handles such a respected honor, and whether he will make shocking comments throughout the show. And, of course, people, including myself, are eager to see him voice the beloved tones of Stewie Griffin. Admit it, you are one of them. With all this said, I sincerely hope there will not be yet another reason to release An Aggravated Gasp concerning a change in Oscar hosts, as there was last year. Hopefully, because of the intense adversity given by the Parents Television Council, Seth MacFarlane will do whatever he can to remain the host of film's biggest night. Cheers.

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