Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Trailers to Arouse Anticipation

I think the title speaks for itself, don't you? Sure, it's a bit longer than a title should be. And the word "arouse" kind of throws you off on a dirty tangent. It doesn't? Well, then I'm the odd one out here. Anyway, here are a few new trailers that were released today (or yesterday) that have certainly acquired my undivided attention. I'm sure you'll experience the same feeling, so just watch.

Anchorman 2

The Great Gatsby



The last one has actually been out for quite some time. I included it just so you all could see it, in case you haven't already. It may possibly be the most-anticipated movie of this year, and that mean very high expectations. Hear that, Seth MacFarlene? Very high expectations. Seriously, though, Family Guy is a real treat, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Why should I be? As for Skyfall, I'm not really anticipating that movie at all. Whatsoever. Ever since they made Daniel Craig the new James Bond, I simply cannot get absorbed in that franchise. Never could, really. It's so long and predictable. Now, if Clive Owen had been hired for the role, replacing Pierce Brosnan I believe it was, then we would have a different predicament. Really, Clive Owen would have been the ideal James Bond, I can't emphasize that anymore. Well, I hope you've enjoyed these upcoming movie previews. Now, go out and spread the sunshine.


  1. I really liked Anchorman, my mate compared me to Brick, at first I wasn't offended and than I watch the film...

    Will be watching Skyfall when it comes out.

    And I bet some were aroused by the Pirana 3DD trailer...

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2012

    You are naughty!...although I struggled to be aroused by any of the trailers you featured.
    I did enjoy perusing your film score update though. Especially as the sumptuous treat that is The Age Of Innocence scored so highly.