Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Award Season?

None that most of you would be familiar with, however, unless you are a member of LAMB, a large association of movie blogs. Coincidentally, that acronym happens to spell out an easily identifiable creature, and sounds catchy. That's why the Academy Awards is shortened to the Oscars, rather than AMPAS, standing for Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Then again, AMPAS is easy to say. This is the time of year when members of LAMB are able to nominate other blogs for awards such as Best Blog, Funniest Writer, and Best New LAMB. Why even write something about this rarely seen event, you may wonder? Well, I happen to have a modest wish of winning one of these awards, as of five minutes ago, and since this year has been going decently so far, I figure this is not too ridiculously out of reach. I guess you could call this my "campaign" for being nominated for one of the following categories I could be considered eligible for: Best New LAMB, Funniest Writer, Brainiac Award, and Best Movie Reviewer.

First, one must ask themselves what exactly a campaign entails. It is defined as a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose. Also, competition is a given in these campaigns, just as in presidential elections and even Oscar campaigns. For Your Consideration and all. I've actually searched what a For Your Consideration poster looks like, and basically it's an image from the film in question accompanied by all its award nominations and wins thus far. How, might I ask, would that assist the movie's chances of winning an Oscar? Not much of a marketing strategy if everyone is doing it. Judges--I'm sorry, voters--would not be able to distinguish which performance/film was better, unless they've seen it. Therefore, the only way to truly campaign, if such a thing exists, is to share a slice of one's talent.

Well--I've got to be honest with you, it's that time of the month for me (bills, obviously) and I am feeling mighty uncomfortable in more ways than one. Plus, my mind is occupied with something specific at the moment, and I am really itching to tell someone. (Itching? Unsanitary.) I might as well mention it now, since I mentioned it: it involves a dream I had last night, an extraordinary dream, and in it was a guy I previously denounced from every speaking to again. In fact, whenever he does attempt to get into contact with me, I maliciously ignore them, acting completely indifferent to him, which gives me such a proud thrill. I'm sure you ladies can relate with me: don't you just relish that fateful second when you delete a voicemail or text from that guy whom you were previously clinging on to? Oh, it is scrumptious. Unfortunately, there comes a period when you crave to hear his voice or to so much as see him for a chanced meeting. Then you become ravenous for a conversation with him, which becomes awkward when you do contact him because you've been ignoring him all this time. All of a sudden, he gets a message from you after he's long been over you. That feeling hurts a lot more than the relish feels fantastic. Anyway, about that dream. I believe I should describe the dream to you, otherwise you would not understand my ardor to get into touch with this mysterious guy who I shall not name.
It was my birthday, and for some reason one of my distant friends, let's call her Alison, decides it is her birthday too, in this parallel dream universe of mine. Throughout the time we've been friendly, she's always been more popular than me, which was demonstrated when everyone flocked around her to celebrate her birthday, when I was abandoned. Left all by my lonesome. Even my parents joined the festivities for Alison. As I was down on my knees, heartbroken of course (not waiting for something nasty to come my way, if you know what I mean), when along comes the guy I swore I would never be intimate with again. And what does he do? He wipes my tears away, extends his cheek towards me...and asks for a kiss on that cheek. Confused, I recommend his lips instead. Success. Then I wake up to the surprise of my dad making Belgian waffles for breakfast. A delightful morning, to say nonetheless. All day today, I've been severely preoccupied with him, pondering over whether I should contact him or wait for him to make the initiative, as he has done before. Should I suggest we meet up sometime? How can I do so without remaining sangfroid and attractively nonchalant? You can imagine how this, in addition to my time of the month, can combine to create a very frazzled self. Plus, I dislike getting ghost-dialed by people. My number was just ghost-dialed, that's why I brought it up.

Would this count as my For Your Consideration advertisement? I guess so. Have a pleasant rest-of-the-week.

For those who are members of LAMB, have a glance of my blog in the archives! Consider it.

(There's a link to the LAMB website in that message.)


  1. Glad you are campaigning this year! I love that you've taken a different strategy, showing off your funny side in particular!

  2. Nice post Veronica! Also big thanks for plugging the LAMMYs