Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best Supporting Actress Frontrunners

Octavia Spencer vs Berenice Bejo

There really is no competition in this category this year, as the award will clearly be given to Octavia Spencer. Usually, a sure-thing win does not please me, or have any effect on me, but Octavia will take home the Oscar most-deservedly. (Unless the Academy pulls a fast one on me and gives it to Melissa McCarthy. But they won't.) Anyway, I felt as if I should post some sort of Oscar candidate comparison, like last year, because there seems to be a void of Oscar posts, wouldn't you agree? I've seen most of the Best Supporting Actress nominees, excluding Janet McTeer who portrayed a man (I simply will not watch that), so I will just choose Berenice Bejo, who gave a charming performance in The Artist, to compete with Octavia Spencer.

Octavia Spencer for The Help - Not only did The Help surprise me by turning out to be one of the greatest films of the year, but the performances proved to be worth the acclaim. While Viola Davis was decent as Aibileen Clark (she is a Best Actress frontrunner, though I do not wholly support that), Octavia Spencer is the one who shined as Minny Jackson, the fearless maid who has a remarkable sense of humor for a woman in her position. She displayed wonderful acting prowess as she boldly defied against her employer, the malicious Hilly Holbrook (played convincingly by Bryce Dallas Howard). After quitting her job, she returned only to bake Hilly a "special" pie for a hilarious revenge. Amazingly, this joke never grew old throughout the film (as it was mentioned a few times after it occurred), which was a truly impressive feat considering how jokes grow old quite fast. Now, you may be wondering why I though this "special" pie joke to be amusing, since I rebuked Melissa McCarthy's shitting in a sink as offensive to the Academy. That though may have never crossed your mind until I mentioned it, and now you're probably assuming me as some sort of hypocrite. Well, they're actually quite different: While Octavia Spencer merely said the pie was (spoiler) made out of her shit, just to cause Hilly to feel embarrassed and truly appalled, Melissa McCarthy literally mounted a sink and just started unloading. I no longer feel shy to call her performance exactly what it was: disgusting, inappropriate, and not Oscar material. Anyway, back to the worthy nominee, Octavia Spencer most definitely provided the audience with a performance that was excellent, truly worthy of the recognition the Academy should uphold to harness.

Bérénice Bejo for The Artist - I think I've made it apparent how I claim The Artist to be the greatest, most worthy of the title Best Picture this year. Indeed, this year, we will witness the first silent picture to win since 1927, when Wings won at the first-ever Oscar ceremony. Indeed, I am very positive in my prediction, so much that I would call my prediction plainly stating a fact. (All right, we get it.) In addition to the amazing film itself were two incredible performances by Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. I believe I've explained myself to the limit on how marvelous they were. (The Artist: A Cinematic Masterpiece) Bérénice Bejo delivered a delightful performance. I realize I've penned the term "delightful" to her before, but that is just what she was: delightful. Like Dujardin, she is greatly talented in providing a fantastic performance with solely her facial expressions. Her cheerful, ambitious aura, as Peppy Miller, throughout the film was simply enchanting, as was her ideal harmony with Jean Dujardin as screen partners. Even though Berenice Bejo will most likely not win the award, I see her transition from French cinema to the Academy Awards as a remarkable itself.

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