Sunday, November 6, 2011

I give you... The TV-Lineup

I had a sudden urge to list my favorite television shows, that are currently airing. These are the only shows I watch, the ones I wait all week to enjoy at their designated (right word?) hour. they are.

30 Rock - While I don't watch the new season every week, I am just starting to get into the hit series. The original (that's right, original) show was created by the brilliant Tina Fey, and she made the genius decision of casting Alec Baldwin, in his career-defining role. As Jack Donaughy, he provides sharp humor and a charming-yet-morally wrong persona. He is 30 Rock, the reason I ravenously watch it one after another. (Ravenous?) Jack McBrayer is a surprisingly hilarious character, playing Kenneth, an innocent, awkward (I want to say...) male secretary. (I say male because most secretaries are female. That's not sexist because I am a female.) I also want to mention Jane Krakowski's wonderful performance as the conceited star of the network, Jenna. The only downside of the show is Tracey Morgan (cleverly named Tracey Jordan on the show...sense the sarcasm?). He is, as defined in the show also, a extremely annoying, dim-witted man-child. However, that does not diminish the show to something I cannot physically watch. Another major plus is the massive amount of guest stars on the show! There is at least one high-profile guest in each episode. Almost. Overall, the show is refreshingly smart, witty, and addicting. Oh yes, addicting.

Modern Family - Why I list this one second, I'll never know nor forgive myself. (Okay, easy there.) Perhaps the greatest show of the twenty-first century (easily the greatest of the 2010s), Modern Family has everything. Absolutely everything. Everything. There is not one character I dislike. In fact, I'm having trouble naming my favorite one! In each episode (yes, every episode), the brilliant writers concoct a hilarious plot line for each character! By my uncontrollable enthrallment of the show, you should be able to comprehend how amazing this show is. If you can't, well you're just a smart-ass then, aren't you? (Wait, what?) This show is true entertainment, much like the (unfortunately) short-lived comedy Arrested Development. The humor is ceaseless, even in its third season. Rather impressive if I do say so myself. And I do. Whether it's your cup of tea or not, I will still wait for each episode to air, sitting on the edge of my seat in excitement. Simply wow.

Suburgatory - Now here is a delightful surprise. With a generally unknown cast, and a few has-beens, I didn't have high expectations for this show. Therefore, one can imagine my exceeded enjoyment upon watching the first episode. From there, I am hooked to Suburgatory. Its fresh humor and witty lead character, an unknown Jane Levy, are the stuff dreams are made of. Actually, they're the stuff that captures my interest and my following. From that, I'm confident in saying that this is the best new show this fall. I'm sorry, autumn.

Desperate Housewives - In its final season, I am still dragging along with the show's staggering decline. When I say decline, I mean its rapid downfall. If you haven't read my colossal Desperate Housewives post (and I don't blame you, it is quite long), I'll just cue you in to the fact that the show is awful. Dreadfully painful to watch. (Therefore, oddly satisfying.) Yet, I stay tuned because I want to go down with the show in all its unpopular glory. Oxymoron? Sure.

Pan Am - The only serious drama of the bunch. (Don't even suggest Desperate Housewives is anything serious. Carlos killing Gabby's stepfather? No, that's just stupid.) Set in the jet-set life of the 1960s, Pan Am centers around the adventures of the employees of Pan Am. Gee, how did the television people come up with the title? (No, that was sarcasm. I'm not clueless. Onto the show!) The front-liner of the show was originally meant to be Christina Ricci, who has aged weirdly and looks like one of those martini toothpicks with the olive. Her character isn't totally annoying. Not totally. The one character, her plot lines and all, I really don't like is Kate, or Beaver-Face. She has all these top-secret spy missions for the CIA. An example of one of her dangerous missions was to deliver a camera to some guy. Don't worry, she survived. The pilots of the plane are, in my opinion, a couple of doofuses (or is it doofi?). One of them is fooling around with his boss's "secretary" (mistress); the other is chasing the Beaver's attractive yet clueless sister, Laura. The one character I really like is Collette, the French stewardess, who now has a significantly lower level of importance in the show. That makes me frown. Overall, I have a feeling this show won't get picked up for another season. Sure, it's a decent show, for a drama anyway, but I don't see much success in its future.

Up All Night - I won't get into too much detail for this one. Right before all the exciting new shows were going to air, this one topped my list. Christina Applegate and Will Arnet? Two actors I love, and on television they're golden. Maya Rudolph...not too crazy about. Based on that 2-1 score, I was thrilled overall. Then, I watched the pilot. All I can say is that is was OK. (I say it like that as opposed to the proper "okay" because I say it with emphasis. That was a bad explanation.) After a couple more episodes, my opinion has slightly declined. I'm sad to say, but it has. Even with Christina Applegate, whose humor isn't as great as it once was, this show cannot muster up to anything more than a 2 out of 5. I hope that isn't too harsh. Anyway, this marks the bottom of my list. Thanks, Maya Rudolph. Thanks.

There you have it. These are the shows I wait every week to see. Make a comment below of some shows you have in your weekly itinerary! And, overall, enjoy television before it becomes completely corrupt with Jersey Shore-type programming.

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