Thursday, December 30, 2010

OSCAR WATCH: Best Actress Front-Runners

Black Swan & The Kids Are All Right
This year's Oscar race for Best Actress has two prime winners: Natalie Portman and Annette Bening. Of course, only one can win, but who? After watching the two, evaluating their performances and potential for the prestigious honor, I have come up with my own verdict. And my winner is...Natalie Portman.

The Kids Are All Right - In addition to Best Actress, this summer indie hit is in the race for Best Picture, as well. I honestly didn't expect much from this quirky film, only for Annette Being to shine as the control-freak lesbian mother. The actress never disappoints, of course, however I wouldn't say she is in for an Oscar. Sure, she provided us with a powerful performance, but only because it was an indie. What I mean is, she was excellent for an indie. Usually, an indie's actors dish out weak, solemn performances, like Kristen Stewart in Twilight (only not nearly as bad). Anyway, Bening was great, just not Oscar great. I said this before and I'll say it again, the Academy will give it to her just because she needs it, like with Kate Winslet and The Reader.
As for the movie, it was utterly boring and extremely weird. I certainly will never watch it again. The young actors' performances were faulty, which is a letdown since their one of the main focuses of the movie. And Laser, really? Julianne Moore was great, though not as great as her lesbian partner. Mark Ruffalo was as he always is, only he's a womanizer rather than a sensitive sweetheart. I never really cared for him, so I didn't enjoy him here either. A movie about two lesbian moms who are turned on by gay men porn and their irritably curious children bonding with their donor father: weird, awkward, not deserving of an Oscar. Then again, the Academy may honor them since it includes lesbians. Brokeback Mountain, just saying.

Black Swan - This movie is also in the race for Best Picture, only it has a much larger chance of winning than the previous. I desperately wanted to see this film, for it looked so beautiful and extraordinary. And that it was. Absolutely divine. The ballet was a graceful part of the movie that soothed me to interest, while the gruesome images were so disturbing yet so enthralling. Although I didn't enjoy Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, he certainly redeemed himself with this marvelous film. Best Director contender, most definitely.
Natalie Portman, she was amazing as the mentally unstable perfectionist dancer. Her determination for the role was so believable and the pain she displayed, as Nina, could have easily been her own. That's how real she portrayed it all. And the fact that she did most of the beautiful dancing herself makes her performance even more remarkable. I sincerely hope she receives the award she earns. Mila Kunis is excellent as Nina's rival/best-friend/fantasy-lover, which is surprising considering this is her first dramatic role. Her nomination for a Golden Globe both stunned and pleased me, and I hope she's in for an Oscar nomination, too. This film was an artistic masterpiece in motion, I absolutely adored it. I hope the Academy changes their ways this year and give an award to someone who truly deserves it. Not because they need the award on their application but because they earned it.

Black Swan > The Kids Are All Right

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