Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Weekly Review

Batman - 54/100 - "I am somewhat of an avid Batman fan, compared to all the other mediocre superheroes. When this particular installment caught my eye, I just had to watch it, for the costumes were hilarious and very comic-based. The movie itself is rather foolish and something a child would believe. Most of the villains, the big kahunas at least, are included; The Joker and his awful make-up under his awful mustache, Catwoman and her constant purring, The Penguin and his chubbiness and beaked nose, and the silly Riddler and his stupid "riddles". For families, I think this would be an excellent choice and a blast from the past. For adults, enter with caution, for you will laugh until you cry." (IMDb rates it 63/100)

Payback - 78/100 - "One of Mel Gibson's best movies, Payback is a marvelous piece of cinema, from plot to camera shots. The storyline is engrossing, causing you to be hypnotized by what will happen next. Also, the movie is incredibly stylish, from the way the camera graces the scene to the darkish blue color of the movie, making it look slightly black-and-white. Mel Gibson provides an unforgettable performance, captivating and believable. The scenes where he is severely injured, especially the hammer scene, make the auidience cringe with suffering, from the pain and for mel Gibson's character. All this hurt just so Gibson will get his tiny, well-earned portion of seventy grand. Perhaps the best revenge movie there is. (IMDb rates it 69/100)

You Don't Mess with the Zohan! - 67/100 - "In my opinion, one of the most hilarious comedies of that summer, and possibly of Adam Sandler's career, Zohan is terrific. From one scene to another, this movie is nonstop laughter! Whether it's making fun of Arab/Israeli culture or simple physical humor, you won't be able to stand. For example, Rob Schneider (one of Adam Sandler's go-to guys) plays Salim, an Arab cab driver who hates Zohan, is a source of huge hilarity, with his angry, short outbursts! There are countless examples on why this movie is super hilarious. Find them out for yourself, you won't regret it." (IMDb rates it 57/100)

The Illusionist - 60/100 - "The first time I watched this movie, I was stunned and fascinated by the movie's "magic" and thrill, up to the ending. Truly excellent, I thought. However, after watching it a second time, I was rather disappointed, for I thought my first judgement would persist. At first, the movie showed such shock and surprise, from what I remember. Another go at it, and I found the plot to be simple and sort of predictable almost. I recommend only one watch for this, for from what started as admiration for the film turned to plain decency." (IMDb rates it 77/100)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 73/100 - "A delightfully wondrous movie about an amazing chocolate factory and having a virtuous heart describes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. One of Tim Burton's most odd films (meaning it's weird that he make a movie meant more for children), this one is most superb and most colorful. His go-to guy Johnny Depp provides a fantastic performance as the zany, eccentric chocolatier, which is expected. This is a marvelous choice for "family-movie-night", if you have such a thing, and a truly scrumdiddlyumptious movie for all to cherish." (IMDb rates it 71/100)

The Muse - 53/100 - "This movie is awfully simple and, at times, plain awful. The plot involves an inspiration for screenwriters, and she's played by the great Sharon Stone. She is the only thing I like about this movie, being completely neurotic and high-maintenance. I love the fact that the movie includes various, famous directors, such as Martin Scorsese who is actually pretty funny, as cameos. Albert Brooks is utterly horrible, making constant jokes about how bad his life is. Andie MacDowell is her 'ol Southern Belle self, and I still despise her for unknown reasons. It's a one time watch, take my word for it." (IMDb rates it 55/100)

Cop Out - 59/100 - "I gave this a decent rating because I still love Kevin Smith movies. This one, however, was unlike is other ones, which was why not a lot of people enjoyed it. I could tell he made this either for the money or to try and adapt to modern genre. Either way, he shouldn't have done it. Cop Out was decent in the humor department, but kind of lacking in the storyline area. Plus, his choice of actors was kind of unexpected and I didn't care for it either, for I'm not a fan of Bruce Willis or Tracey Morgan. I did love Seann William Scott though, and he is worth watching this unsatisfactory movie." (IMDb rates it 58/100)

Dirty Work - 64/100 - "A Saturday Night Live-type comedy, and a movie about revenge in a funny aspect, this movie is a must-see. There's loads of humor, and many of the SNL cast, which makes it that much better. Chris Farley (R.I.P.) is ritiously hilarious and, as usual, incredibly loud and rather dumb. (I miss his humor.) Norm MacDonald is hilarious, being both a cynic and a coward, and starts a business with a goal of providing revenge to people who seek it. However, the overall plot, the reason why he start the business, has been done before numerous times. Either way, it's great. Find out for yourself!" (IMDb rates it 61/100)

Back-Up Plan - 51/100 - "Another 'romantic comedy', which entails its predictability and horridness, about a woman who's artificially inseminated with a baby, then finds love right after. So, what happens is a bunch of messes, some meant to be funny and some that are serious, but made funny by me. Jennifer Lopez, as usual, is the center of attention, and the only pretty lady in the entire production, because we all know she is the only one allowed to look good (my dad pointed that out). She and Stan, to me, don't have good chemistry; it's your typical cougar situation. Anyway, this movie is something I do not recommend, for it is terrible and somewhat nasty in some parts. Please don't find out what it is." (IMDb rates it 44/100)

Clash of the Titans - 62/100 - "A surprisingly adequate movie, Clash of the Titans, which I suppose is a remake of the original 1981 one, is not bad at all. If any of you watched Percy Jackson, the plot is very similar to that one, only made better and for mature adults. Also, I have to praise its visual effects because they are outstanding and look so real; it makes Percy Jackson look like a mild cartoon. Sam Worthington was a reason I didn't care for this movie too much because his last appearance as an actor in Avatar was really awful. Ralph Fiennes was great as Hades, as he always is with villainy, but I would like it if he raised his voice a bit here, for he mutters most of the time. Liam Neeson was a wonderful Zeus, and I loved the relation between him and Fiennes; it was like a Schindler's List flashback. Anyway, this film is really great and I'm sure anyone would enjoy it." (IMDb rates it 60/100)

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