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Weekly Review

Houseguest - 49/100 - "As a kid, I remember this movie being much funnier. Now, it's kind of...lackluster. Sinbad gave too much in his performance, and reminded me of a black version of Tom Arnold...not a good thing. Phil Hartman was the best part of the picture, providing some humor for this unfunny piece of a film." (IMDb rates it 56/100)

Oscar - 99/100 - "I've watched this movie over a dozen times, and cannot get enough. Oscar is truly the most entertaining movie I've ever laid eyes on, and has the ability to make you laugh until you your lungs start heaving wildly! A movie full of disasters and wrecks at every corner, Oscar is the most magnificent movies I have watch in my life." (IMDb rates it 57/100)

The First Wives Club - 67/100 - "A very enjoyable flick for anyone, even a family, for today's standards/values are much more PG-13. Nevertheless, this movie is highly recommended, by me, and I have the proof of having watched it three times this past week! The three, prolific actresses are wonderful; Diane Keaton being meekly and vulnerable, Bette Midler being feminist yet humorous, and Goldie Hawn being the beauty and humor, as well." (IMDb rates it 56/100)

The Apartment - 97/100 - "Like the tag line states, there has never been anything so laughable, lovable and enjoyable to watch! The Apartment is truly a timeless picture that deserved its esteemed recognition. Jack Lemmon is outstanding, as usual, and is a funny adorable character. Shirley MacLaine is marvelous, and certainly deserves Lemmon's kindness and adoration. Perhaps Billy Wilder's best film, The Apartment is a must-see!" (IMDb rates it 84/100; #96 in the Top 250)

Twins - 73/100 - "Your average 1980s movie, but has extra merriment and certainly much more humor. From the overall plot, this movie has a no-lose situation! Arnold Schwarzenegger is hilarious as a strapping naive foreigner who finds his 'twin', an equally funny Danny DeVito, who is stocky and selfish. Right there, the humor is guaranteed and definitely provided." (IMDb rates it 59/100)

Wild Wild West - 78/100 - "This is one of the most under appreciated, maybe despised, movie of all time. In my eyes, however, it is one of the most excellent comedies ever devised. Again, my unconventional taste of movies operates, for Wild Wild West was the Razzie king in 1999. Nonetheless, I love this movie and wish to praise it, as it is deserved to. Kevin Kline is brilliant in this movie, as always, and was very very funny. Salma Hayek was decent in her performance and certainly doesn't deserve the awful criticism she got. I highly recommend you watch it, and ignore those nasty critics, for this movie is fantastic." (IMDb rates it 43/100)

Bird on a Wire - 71/100 - "Another average 80s action, plot-wise, but otherwise it's pretty darn good! The action seem real, more real than other 1980-era action garbage. Mel Gibson is terrific, as usual, and very charming and hilarious. Goldie Hawn is a lovely damsel-in-action, and a perfect counterpart for Gibson; they are both in sync and come off each other's jokes. Sure, this movie is highly predictable, but I'd give it a go because it's supposedly a 1980s classic and it's adequately action-packed." (IMDb rates it 54/100)

Bandidas - 77/100 - "You probably never heard of this one, but it is super nevertheless! An above-average western movie, Bandidas is immensely enjoyable and full of laughter. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek are wonderful together, and fit perfectly as an on-screen duo. Plus, they're both equally beautiful, appearance-wise. Steve Zahn is a hilarious addition, being the woman's hostage as well as a detective, which contradicts their position as bank robbers. This movie was highly entertaining and should be more known and not harmed by the critics, like Wild Wild West." (IMDb rates it 56/100)

Maverick - 84/100 - "This film is most certainly the best western-type I've ever watched, and one of the best films period. I absolutely loved this picture, and the plot having to do with constant revenge, gambling, and poker. Mel Gibson, again, is excellent, humor-wise and performance-wise, and is a true charismatic actor. Jodie Foster was lovely here, with her composed demureness, and funny yet embarrassing faults. Here, she looked the most appealing I've ever seen her. The most entertaining western I've seen, Maverick is a definite must-see." (IMDb rates it 68/100)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - 68/100 - "A film I've anticipated to watch for the duration of its production, this movie was kind of a...disappointment. From the trailer, I was hoping for the movie to be a bit more complicated, therefore required to watch more than once to understand. However, I was shot down, for it was incredibly simple and easy to comprehend. Also, the actors I awaited to see, Johnny Depp mainly, were only in the film for less than ten minutes! Plus, Heath Ledger's presence in the movie was a little uncomfortable, for his last performance as the Joker was terrible (that's right). Either way, the movie's art direction and scenery was gloriously extraordinary, deserving its unattained Oscar for that category." (IMDb rates it 72/100)

Domestic Disturbance - 46/100 - "This movie was one of the best times I had making fun of it! Yeah, it was kind of the opposite of its purpose, which was to frighten, so I decided to mock it harshly instead. Copied off of by The Stepfather's plot, this movie is about a stepfather 'who isn't who he says he is', which is so predictable, I didn't care paying full attention to. What I do know is that John Travolta was awfully horrible, acting-wise, for his character came off as frazzled, weak and especially corny. In fact, he acted like a stepfather to the son! His Razzie nomination was certainly well-deserved (for a change). Vince Vaughn, who is typically a hilarious-type of actor, was kind of convincing as a killer and was the most decent part of the movie. It's a one-time make-fun-of movie though, so it's a no-win movie. Truly awful." (IMDb rates it 53/100)

Panic Room - 60/100 - "In order to watch this movie, I had to literally be tied down, for I am reluctant when it comes to (apparent-)thriller flicks. Fortunately, it was not terrifying whatsoever, and was another unintentionally funny movie. The plot was solid though, I'll give David Fincher that, but otherwise, the movie was literally endless. One minute, it seems the criminals will give up, the next they attempt to gas the captives out of the room. Anyway, Jodie Foster was decent here, and I can see why she went into the thriller-movie business because she provides a tense performance. The criminals were a huge joke, for they had no idea what they were doing and did stuff on impulse, no plan at all. Forest Whitaker was the most calm guy there and he knew what he was doing, as well as had common sense. Raoul was the biggest joke of all, being a bus driver who came to this gig with a gun and bullet-proof vest. It's a simple house-theft, for God's sake! This movie wasn't too bad, and I'm glad I finally watched it (that's for you Daddy!)" (IMDb rates it 69/100)


Indiana Jones Trilogy - 67/100 - "One of the most prolific trilogies of all time, Indiana Jones is a must-see for audiences of all ages and genders! Watch as Indiana explores unknown lands in search for precious treasures! Awe at the beauty of his women and the romance they share! Be amazed at Indiana's fighting abilities and root for him in all of his endeavors! America's most cherished adventure saga, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon the escapades of Indiana Jones! (IMDb rates them 1) 87/100; #20 on the Top 250, 2) 75/100, and 3) 83/100; #101 on the Top 250)

Ocean's Trilogy - 72/100 - "One of the best heist movies ever, the Oceans' movies are remarkable. All the characters, mainly the two leaders, are all suave, confident, and sly. They have to be in order to rob three major casinos! And each year, they get better at what they do, having an addition of one. Also, the movies' all-star casts are a major appeal. George Clooney is super-suave and handsome, and the mastermind behind all the group's exploits. Brad Pitt is even more charming and sexy, being the group's sort-of guide or wisdom-provider. Plus the two are incredibly witty! These movies are majorly popular and majorly entertaining, a must-see for all movie goers."
(I rate them 1) 77/100, 2) 71/100, and 3) 68/100)
(IMDb rates them 1) 76/100, 2) 60/100, and 3) 69/100)

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