Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All About Steve

I've watched All About Steve three times now (this time being the third) and my opinion has not been altered, despite what the Razzies declared. I very much enjoyed this movie, for it was very cute and a little kooky. I loved the cast, and their performances, especially Sandra Bullock's. I italicize 'especially' because Bullock was the (only) member of the cast to receive a Worst Actress "award" this year [for this movie]. I was disappointed to see that she was even nominated for it, but to actually "win" it? That was plain irritating. Not to mention spiteful. What a perfect opportunity for the Razzie committee to pin the "award" on Bullock! She'd just been nominated for an Oscar (for The Blindside) and she also made a movie earlier in the year that wasn't as good. "Hey! Why don't we give her the Razzie, guys? That way, the Oscar committee might not give her the Oscar! Or she'll have both awards in the same year!" Fucking pricks.

Moving on to the movie, All About Steve is about Mary Horowitz, a kooky crossword-puzzle constructor, who falls in love with a guy named Steve (played by Bradley Cooper) on their first, blind date. Of course, Mary comes on too strong and scares Steve away, but her positive attitude doesn't stop her from following him across the country. Since Steve is a cameraman for CCN, he is moving from one location to another, along with self-adoring news reporter Hartmen Hughes (played by Thomas Haden Church).

When the CCN crew is in Oklahoma to report on a three-legged baby, Steve spots Mary there, in her bright red boots. She ecstatically rushes to him and embraces him in a forceful hug, which continually occurs since she likes him so much. He is resistant, of course, because he is not interested in her and the fact that she is practically stalking him. He informs his crew that she is on the premises, and Hartmen decides to torture him by telling Mary the opposite of what he [Steve] really feels. This makes Mary even more obsessive over him, so she chose to continue her pursuit of Steve. He is extremely giddy about that, for sure.

Later, an abandoned mine shaft has been discovered, with several deaf children trapped inside. Naturally, CCN is on the spot...and shortly, so is Mary. As she sprints across the field to Steve, she falls down the ditch. This event is stimulating across America, so Mary has become somewhat of a public icon. Also, to make that truth a little sweeter, she is a hero, as well, saving a forgotten deaf girl in the mine. After some physics experiments, Mary devises a plan that will lift her and the girl out of the mine. However, Hartmen, feeling incredibly guilty about this mess since it was him who brought Mary here with his devious tricks, dives into the mine to try and save Mary. This temporarily complicates things. But, soon enough, the three are out of the mine, Hartmen being a "hero" (and soon the new lead anchor of CCN).

During this whole stir of Mary in the ditch, she came to the realization that people are annoyed by her quirky antics, and (admirably) does not care, for she is who she is. Steve has a mini-epiphany, as well, stating (live on the air) that Mary isn't "freakishly smart" or "weird", and she's not trying to be someone else. In the end, Mary and Steve do not fall in love with each other, which is great because, if that would happen, it would be another average romantic-comedy (and a corny one).

Overall, All About Steve was an excellent movie about learning to not try and fit in with everyone else, because sometimes the ones who are the eccentric "weirdos" are the ones who stand out the most. That was actually from the trailer. (I'm kind of blocked today, I apologize)

Anyway, the acting was exceedingly decent, not at all Razzie-worthy. Sandra Bullock played her part very well, exceptional even, and she was very adorable, intelligent, and quirky. And all she did was do her job, she read the script and her acting was based on the character, and she portrayed that character excellently. Bradley Cooper was all right, too, and I love how he reacted to Mary in the desert. "Oh Jesus! She's got a machete! She's going to carve my eyes out and make me eat them!" Thomas Haden Church was the funniest of them all, playing the conceited, conniving reporter, filling Mary's mind with bullshit. (Can't remember any quotes from him, blocked)

Again, I want to rant about how the Razzies are so wrong in their decisions and how malicious they are against big-name stars. How interesting would it be to read that Robert DeNiro got a Razzie? That type of news is huge and publicity for the Razzie ceremonies (because who really watches them?). This is what happened with Sandra Bullock. She got a Razzie because she was nominated for an Oscar (and won!) which made her look kind of appalling. "Oscar and a Razzie?" Shameful. Fortunately, Sandra proudly attended this horrid event and accepted her Razzie. I don't watch those ceremonies, but I bet the Razzie people felt kind of awkward to be giving this Worst Actress award to someone of her stature. Of course, numerous famous people got Razzies before, but I highly doubt they ever attend, for it's disgraceful. But Sandra Bullock is like Mary Horowitz that way; she doesn't care what people think of her, and that is very admirable of her.

To conclude, I give All About Steve a 68/100 not only because the movie was excellent, but to contradict the goddamn Razzies. This movie was very touching and sweet, and shouldn't be nominated (or have won) any of the Razzies this year. Thankfully, it didn't get Worst Movie! (That went to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Now that I agree with). And to all those people out there who want to fit in, don't try because that will only make you look more foolish. (And, to the Razzies, up yours!:D)

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