Saturday, June 12, 2010


Weekly Review

The Adventures of Rocky &
"A cute family movie; Boris and Natasha are the highlights of
the movie"

She's Out of My League - 67/100

"A raunchy comedy about self-esteem; surprisingly excellent"

Devil Wears Prada* - 93/100

"A very stylish movie; witty and enjoyable for all genders"

Something's Gotta Give - 89/100

"Very heartwarming movie; Jack Nicholson is devilishly charming, as usual; Diane Keaton provides a wonderful performance"

EdTV - 91/100

"Hilarious comedy; excellent plot and very touching; one of the best dramedies"

Date Night - 65/100

"Situation comedy that is immensely outrageous; Tina Fey and
Steve Carell finally together in a movie that works out

Cruel Intentions - 63/100

"Teen classic; very devious and deceitfully funny"

A-Team - 64/100

"Awesome action movie; excellent scenes that remind me of Snatch; Bradley Cooper is ruggedly sexy with an amazing body"

Cool World* - 23/100

"Terrible flick with no plot; dreadful acting and auteur

-Movies with an astrick (*) have an entire "review"

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