Friday, June 25, 2010


Weekly Review

Ed Wood - 76/100
"excellent biopic on the worst director ever...eerily enjoyable."

As Good As It Gets - 96/100
"wonderful dramedy...Jack Nicholson's performance was cynically touching...Helen Hunt is amazing and an emotionally strong character...Greg Kinnear is truly heartbreaking, and most-definitely Oscar-worthy...lovely altogether"

The Girl Next Door - 68/100
"hilarious, dirty comedy...a She's Out of Your League-type movie, about self-esteem and doing outrageous things in your life...parental guidance required!"
Taxi - 65/100
"extremely humorous flick...undeserving of its bashing by critics...Jimmy Fallon's best movie since Saturday Night Live."

All About Steve - 68/100
"immensely enjoyable and cute flick...Sandra Bullock provides a marvelous performance, despite what the Razzies worthy of praise!"

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief - 57/100
"great special effects and action...thoughtless plot, and mindless acting...based on the best-selling book...mostly for kids."

The Beverly Hillbillies - 32/100
"terrible movie...acting was awful and the accents were unbearable...after watching, I felt vastly stupid the entire day; not recommended for scholars."

Bandits - 73/100
"interesting plot, with intelligent criminals, therefore good acting...Billy Bob Thornton is at his best here, in my opinion; very funny and paranoid...Cate Blanchett provides an unusual performance, reminding me of a suburban version of Clementine Kruczynski."

Tooth Fairy - 64/100
"delightful Disney tale...funny at moments and heartwarming at all times...Dwayne Johnson is officially Disney's go-to guy...Stephan Merchant is wonderfully witty and hilarious, and I hope to see more of him on the screen (in movies, not sexually!)"
School for Scoundrels - 62/100
"decent movie about 'being cool' and self-esteem...a copy-cat of Anger Management...Jon Heder is dorky, but lovable...Billy Bob Thornton is a jackass but wise and humorously admirable."

Dick Tracy - 88/100
"marvelously colored, very eye-catching, therefore entertaining...great directing by Warren Beatty, as well as acting (although he's better as a villain, like in Bugsy)...Madonna, once again, provides a horrible performance; great singing, though...Al Pacino is absolutely outstanding, with his cruel and harmful persona, very funny and Oscar-worthy, even!"

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