Sunday, May 30, 2010

When in Rome

When in Rome is a romantic comedy about an ambitious woman, Beth, who is extremely unlucky with love. Not a whole lot is explained on her past flames, to prove that she is unlucky with love, so I find that opening hook silly/foolish. Anyway, her baby sister is getting married (in Rome!) so she travels to scenic Rome, Italy. There, she meets Nick, a handsome, clumsy guy who "sweeps her of her feet". Not literally, though.

Anyway, she catches him with some Italian woman, so all her hopes of marrying him are crushed. Luckily, she dives into the Fountain of Love (centered in Italy's town square) and collects random coins. She thinks she's saving these hopeless people from the pain of love, but she's really doing is helping them fall in love...with her. These four desperate guys (fortunate they are males) begin to stalk poor Beth.

Among these men are Will Arnett (plays Antonio, the phony Italian artist), Dax Shepard (plays Gale, a conceited, muscular model), Jon Heder (plays Lance, a striving magician), and Danny DeVito (plays Al, a sausage-lover). These pathetic guys are the highlight of this film; if the movie were loaded with more scenes with these guys, the movie would be an instant comedy I'd re-watch!

Unfortunately, they are only supporting. The main focus on this movie surround Beth and Nick's developing relationship, and growing love. However, Beth hesitates going all-the-way with him because she has (superstitious) reasons to believe he is under the fountain's spell. She is that diffident that she thinks no man could love her, unless their forced to by some stupid spell.

To sum up, this movie was typical, full of cheesy moments and unnecessarily lengthy jokes. For example, the scene where Beth has to break the vase, but repeatedly fails, goes on for what-feels-like

Also, surprisingly, the movie got better at the end, which is odd because this type usually ends even worse than the beginning. Maybe because the four "losers" were at the end for the most part.

I give this a 59/100. As I said before, if those four guys were in this movie more, it would have been a truly awesome flick.

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