Friday, May 21, 2010

Shrek Forever After

I just came back from watching Shrek Forever After. Surprisingly, there wasn't many people on the first day it came out, to celebrate the popular saga's ending. Anyway, I came home completely satisfied with the events. I went to commemorate my brother's birthday, and I expected this installment of Shrek to be tedious and never ending. However, I found it's adapted humor (to today's society) and quirky reminders of previous chapters to be entertaining.
In this last portion of Shrek, our protagonist, Shrek, endures life of a father; this includes a daily routine of rude awakenings, difficult feedings, obnoxious play dates, interrupted alone-time, and, of course, "the outhouse is clogged up again". Shrek begins to miss the life of a gargantuan ogre, being feared by villagers and what not. At his child's birthday party, he finally reaches his tolerable limit and snaps in front of all the guests and his friends and family.

After he smashed his fist into a cake and regrets ever rescuing Fiona, his wishes come alive... so he assumes. A rat-like cretin, known as Rumpelstiltskin, lures Shrek into signing a contract that enlists him into experiencing the life of an ogre once again. What Shrek wasn't aware of was the many many loopholes and tricks in this seemingly-innocent contract.

What Shrek finds out later is that the contract stated that he never existed! And that Rumpelstiltskin is the new king of Far Far Away.
Shrek must familiarize Donkey, Fiona, and Puss in Boots of their friendship to him. Here, in this alternate universe, Donkey is pulling carts for witches, Fiona is a feisty warrior goddess, and Puss has really let himself go with milk and mice overdoses.

Throughout this movie, there are laughs and heart warmth. The heart warmth meaning the feeling of watching the beloved Shrek saga, my favorite animation. Most of the laughter was for the spoiled, tubby child at the ogre baby's party, who keeps asking Shrek to roar. ("Do it")
I give this a 67/100, for it's effort in making it as good as the second (nothing can beat the first original) and the fact that it is the last one. We'll miss you Shrek. You're our favorite green guy. (at least for me you are, screw the Hulk) :)

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