Friday, May 7, 2010


Last night, I watched a Christmas comedy, will Bill Murray, whose work I admire like Man Who Knew Too Little. Perfect comedy for me, right? Nope. This movie was not only UNfunny, but it was not realistic whatsoever. Of course, I understand that this an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and I do comprehend that those ghosts he is seeing is pure fantasy. However, the things about life were totally impractical!

In the beginning, it seems that this is an average Christmas comedy, but later (about fifteen minutes or so) my opinion alters. Bill Murray's cynic TV executive, Frank Cross, is over exaggerated, for his portrayal as the selfish man was as if he were Satan himself! Even Scrooge wasn't that heartless! Also, his constant screaming/yelling is completely fake. ("Would you please stop the goddamn hammering?!" is repeated three or four times)

Another fault in the movie was Claire, Frank's ex-girlfriend. "He had an actual girlfriend?? How could this be, if he's such a prick?" Well, I don't know. Anyway, she is completely dull and high-maintenance. An example is that she broke up with Frank for the sole reason that he wanted to have dinner with his boss, and in return could receive a promotion! If their relationship were to last and progress into a family, he would require a high-paying job, not a guy in a dog suit for kids to watch.

To sum up, Scrooged wasn't that bad, for it is only a comedy for families to gather around and watch during the time of Christmas. I give it a 54/100 because I still like Bill Murray (no matter how corny he was here) and I can't help but enjoy the feeling of watching Christmas material:)

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