Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Complicated

It's Complicated came out on DVD recently, and I desperately wanted to watch it because I had no time to see it in theaters. (what with my busy schedule!)

The movie stars Meryl Streep, who is commonly used for serious Oscar-material productions, plays Jane, a divorced, bakery-shop owner who is also a mother of three. In the beginning, the plot of the movie is revealed when she sleeps with her ex-husband, Jake, played by suave Alec Baldwin. The former couple assumed that this affair was instigated by the booze from the bar; however, little did they know that they would continue their affair, therefore interfering with their lives. Jane, later, meets Adam the architect, played by Steve Martin. Those two trike up a friendship, but later transforms into a romance.

Now, the title comes into play right from the get-go, when exes have sex, and increase in severeity when Jane & Martin get serious. The movie is full of confusion (for the characters), laughs, shocks, and overall coziness*. John Krasinski's character, Streep's son-in-law, is adorable and I love him, even though he looks cartoonish. The part where he catches the exes in the elevator to have sex (obviously 'cause their making out) is super funny and cute! Alec Baldwin's performance was truly hilarious and charming (yes, charming). Meryl Streep takes an unexpected role as sort of a slut, but a heroic one; sleeping with your ex-husband who is married to the woman he cheated on her with, how inspiring!:D

I give this movie a 74/100, for it's oddness and complications. And the moment where Alec Baldwin flashes Steve Martin via webcam? Priceless laughs-out-loud.

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