Friday, April 30, 2010

A Single Man

I watched A Single Man last night, and it was almost everything I expected.
When I watched the trailer [of this movie], I immediately knew for a fact that I wanted to watch it. For one reason, I love Colin Firth:)

Anyway, when I began, it was slow, but not in a boring way. The director, former fashion designer Tom Ford, has the camera closed in on every detail, which I love, for it is very artistic. Also, Colin Firth explains every bit of what he's doing and thinking, very articulate.
That was merely the beginning.
I adored the time the movie took placed; the 1960s were truly a mix of vintage and groovy. Julianne Moore is a vision here, simply stunning, and her performance was well-done, but unfortunately brief. Nicholas Hoult was way too young for me to picture him even thinking desiring thoughts of Colin Firth (29-year age difference!) but his acting was decent.
The single flaw in this movie was the fact that Colin Firth, who usually play a charming, neat straight man, played a homosexual. They make me a tad uncomfortable and icked, and don't hate me for it, for I don't throw stones at them or anything.
Also, the movie went by surprisingly quick (96 minutes) and some dialogue, I felt was cut off, like Julianne's duration in the movie.

To sum up, I give this movie a 73/100, for it's gorgeous camera shots and cinematography (Oscar?!) Though, Colin Firth's portrayal as a lonely, single man was exceedingly decent, I'm glad he didn't get the Oscar this year (but I am PISSED that Jeff Bridges got it for Crazy Heart!)
But that's another review;)

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